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Jane Lynch and Lara Embry to divorce

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Reader comments

  1. On the other hand 11 Jun 2013, 5:10pm

    As Harvy Fierstein says in Torch Song Trilogy, they care about each other, but “not enough”.

  2. de Villiers 11 Jun 2013, 5:21pm

    I do not judge their relationship – we have all had difficulties in our own. But really, married for no more than three or four years?

    It really does not do justice to the idea of marriage being something more important and special than mere cohabitation agreements or civil partnerships.

    1. If you aren’t judging, then stop judging.

  3. Well to be fair heterosexuals assassinated marriage and placed it in a coffin a long time ago . We are just going to be hammering in the final nail.

    This is one of the reasons why I will never marry. However, I do support marriage equality (why do I bother – you guys are still going to give me the thumbs down)

    1. Marriage, as an institution, has been going through a rough patch.
      Hollywood marriages counted in mere hours haven’t help.
      Neither has pressure to marry.. many young people get married because “it’s expected of them” rather than it’s the right thing at that point in their relationship.

      I personally believe that there is still hope for marriage, and that as a social institution it can be a force for good. it does bring people together, it does cement bonds, and it does create a form of security net around the married couple through that social convention about what marriage is supposed to mean.

      No reason to thumbs down. You did say you personally wouldn’t marry, but that you support marriage equality.. so what is there to criticize you for?

      I’ve been married 4 years now, although we’ve been together a bit over 10 years. And for us, everything is perfect… or as perfect as any 10-year relationship between two imperfect people can ever be.

  4. Marriage equality isn’t about gay people doing it better than straight people. It’s about a glaring inequality in the law, that gay relationships are somehow “less”. Nobody said marriage as an institution was a sham just because Brad and Jennifer broke up, did they? Proponents and opponents will see what they want to see, personally I look at that Canadian couple who just celebrated 10 years of marriage.

    It will always work for some and not for others, but it doesn’t change the fact it should be open to ALL consenting adults equally… for as long as it is around anyway.

  5. 3 years of pseudo-marriage. What an mockery of tradition.

    1. What ‘tradition’ would that be, Tom? The tradition so well upheld by Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Eddie Murphy, NIcholas Cage etc? Or perhaps the tradition so ably upheld by 3 of the Queen’s 4 children?

  6. NO marriage, or partnership, or relationship is bomb-proof- it’s only in fairy tales that you get to live Happily Ever After. In real life, it takes work, and compromise and sacrifice- and even then sometimes it doesn’t work. But for some, gay or straight, it does- which is something to celebrate.

  7. Maybe it just me but you don’t just “end your time” as a parent, step or otherwise just because a marriage breaks up…

    1. ”The end of the marriage also marks the end of Lynch’s time as a step-mother to Embry’s school-age daughters, Haden and Chase.

      Lynch has said that being a stepmother was a role she cherished.”

      The wording of the article suggests Lynch never actually said that, it is simply Pink News’ inference. Though it would be pathetic is Pink News is trying to sensationalise this story, I hope this is the case and they will still work together in regards to the children

    2. I thought this was an odd as well.

      1. Err… *”odd” not “an odd”

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