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Russia: LGBT film festival fined under ‘foreign agent’ laws

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Reader comments

  1. Can the Russians get any more stupid? What a bunch of hateful idiots. Oh, we have those here too, in a place called “the leader of the free world”

  2. Thanks Hank, your comment made me laugh. I was in need of that.

    The Russians just don’t seem happy unless they are persecuting some group and conducting pogroms.

    If only they used their power for good and not evil…

  3. One answer to this, AGAIN : BOYCOTT Russia and all things Russian. They have to learn where it hurts : in their wallets. Total boycott : economic, cultural. No travelling there, no buying ANY goods or services associated with russian nationals. Unless we stick to this, nothing will change, as it seems the voice of the LGBT community there is completely strangled.

    1. They won’t learn from that. Because not much is made in Russia what Europeans and Americans need – aside from the natural resources. What the West needs to do is to strike where it actually hurts. Many, if not most, of these anti-Western politicians send their children to study in Western universities and prep schools, they buy property in NYC, Florida, and UK, they move their assets West.

      If you want to do something, start campaigns against that. Or lobby for creation of something in the UK like the Magnitsky List in the US, and lobby for placing everyone who votes for the homophobic bills on those lists.

    2. The problem with sanctions like that is that you won’t impact the corrupt political and religious leadership, you’ll only hurt the Russian citizen who – gay or not – still have to live with a hugely corrupt leadership and church who control the establishment from courts down.

      You will struggle to find any examples of economic sanctions in history that have actually worked, let alone any that have not adversely affected the very groups that they intended to aid.

  4. You can take the Putin out of the KGB but you can’t take the KGB out to of the Putin.

  5. Such a backward country. I thought they’d been quite progressive under Gorbachov. Seems Putin’s dictatorship has taken them back to the bad old days of communism. They need to be isolated from the civilised world until they respect the human rights of EVERYONE.

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