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Pride in London line-up announced with ex-Doctor Who actor Andrew Hayden-Smith to co-host

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Reader comments

  1. How is it that Birmingham and Manchester Pride manage to secure reasonably decent and well-known pop acts and London pretty much always gets some dreadful ‘gay icons’ a la Hazell Dean. It’s one of the world’s biggest cities, surely someone decent would appreciate the exposure and chance to perform in Trafalgar Square.

    I mean, Angie Brown? Rowetta?

    1. I think we have to realise that London Pride has had a rough time over the past few years and with the new committee in place they have done the best they could with what funding they had, Manchester and Birmingham are both ticketed Prides and that is how they manage to raise the money to pay for the bigger acts at least London pride is free, lets just be happy we have a Pride in London this year we will still all have a good time, it is not just about the entertainment it is about being able to show we are real people like everyone else born in this world.

  2. Ryan Jagger is amazing though :3 I’ve downloaded B.Y.O.B. and Star Sign and they are the best songs I’ve ever heard, on par with people like Ke$ha

    1. I take it that london pride is only for under 25s. There’s nothing in the music genre fro anyone else.

  3. Let’s put it this way. London Pride has been so badly mis-managed, as the vehicle for the over-inflated ego of some of its organisers in the past few years and had become a commercial enterprise that had very little to do with a spirit community. So no surprise that having completely lost the support and trust of the LGBT community, getting funding and decent sponsorship must have prove a hurdle. You reap what you sow. The years to come will see if we can trust this organisation or not

  4. I wonder if disabled people will be excluded again this year

  5. puzzled by this headline. AHS had supprting roles in 3 eps of Doctor Who about 6 years ago. If that’s the only thing he is known for, he isn’t exactly A-List material and needs to stop leaning on that small role in an iconic programme after all this time.

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