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Ireland: Record levels of new HIV cases for gay and bisexual men

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Reader comments

  1. Looks like Ireland needs a “no glove, no love” campaign.

  2. The stats here could be skewed due to increased HIV awareness & testing in the period since 2011.

    The first National HIV awareness campaign was launched on World Aids Day 2011 with the strap-line “we are worth protecting” which was supported by the micro-site

    It seems that there has been a steady upward trend in new HIV infections in Ireland in recent times so it will take time for the results of this initiative to work through & show a reduction in both new infections & undiagnosed HIV.

    In the same period in the UK new HIV infections amongst MSM have increased by 14% (HPA adjusted) or reduced by 5% (HPA observed figures), take your pick on which statistic is most reliable.

    The evidence coming out of Greece shows an increase of 200% of new infections amongst MSM since austerity measures has wiped out prevention spending – perhaps we are not doing so badly here in the UK in terms of statistical evidence, however between 2475 – 3000 new HIV infections is too high.

  3. I hope the GHS has developed a strategy with local health providers to determine the circumstances in which the new cases occurred, and to then begin to deal with eradicating those circumstances.

    In the UK, excessive indulgence in drink and drugs is generally the reason for people of all ages casting aside their best intentions and indulging in unsafe sex. I expect the same is true in Ireland.

    Apparently some French youth are now imitating young Brits and enjoying “Le Binge Drinking”, i.e. drinking in order to get drunk. So we can expect to hear soon of a rise in HIV infections in France too.

  4. Floridahank 10 Jun 2013, 10:56pm

    Is it asking too much to keep it in your pants for 6 months? You won’t get crazy or insane without sex for those months, and you might even learn a thing or two about yourself.

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