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French Open targeted by anti equal marriage protest

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Reader comments

  1. There are Pride marches that aren’t as gay as that protest.

    I mean he even co-ordinated his trousers with his flare!

    I think we’re going to have to point this out to them at some stage – perhaps when they start protesting in G-strings

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Jun 2013, 9:46am

      Indeed all that was missing was his whistle!

    2. Youngish (surprisingly so) men seeking to gain attention by stripping off their shirts to protest against equal rights for gays does seem to me to be oddly conflicted, as stunts go.

      1. There is no logic behind the actions of these people. Being against equal marriage is illogical and irrational enough so don’t expect that their behaviour will be any different.

  2. I’m shocked at the recent homophobia that has surfaced in France. The recent anti-equal marriage protests and the murder of an anti-fascist activist last week were alarming and shocking in a country that has long prided itself on liberty and equality.

    I think that the elections last year prove that there is a reactionary far-right element to French society and it has reared it’s ugly head recently. The National Front getting 17% of the vote is utterly shameful, I’d say the same if the BNP got the same share of the vote here in a general election. As a person who has spent a lot of time in France and has made wonderful friends there I find all this quite worrying. I personally couldn’t imagine this happening in the UK. I hope I’m right.

    1. They’re an odd mix. I think that what you’ve got to understand about the French is that sexual fidelity is not seen as them as being the point of marriage. Obviously, in the UK life-long sexual fidelity is expected in marriage. To the French, marriage is for family. But, unlike the British, sexual fidelity is not that important.

      The type of view of romance and marriage being interconnected in France does not exist as it does in the UK. Simply put, marriage is for a wife and family and although there is deep respect for each marriage partner by the other, romance is provided elsewhere in the form of mistresses etc.

      Just telling you how it is over there.

      Of course over here in the UK, lifelong sexual ifidelity is seen by the vast majority as being a key component of marriage. I

      1. I can understand that there may be different attitudes to sexuality and marriage  in France but there is more to this than that. The National Front becoming the third largest party in France is shocking in the 21st century in a country that is the UK’s next door neighbour. 

        I appreciate what you’re saying about cultural differences but I do think that last years election result, along with the recent violent protests against same-sex marriage attacks on the left and the fact that the first French same-sex couple had to have police and security at their wedding all suggest that France has a problem. 

  3. These people are lunatics, they need to get a purpose in life rather than have an very unhealthy obsession with gay people. Barjot, manif pour tous and ilk are now so tragic, they have become a hideous self parody.

  4. Lostinfrance 9 Jun 2013, 11:28pm

    today, as reported in French news, jean-michel kolo the mayor of a small town in Pays Basque,SW France, has refused to officiate the marriage of two local gay men. Lets now wait and see how the law really acts upon his open discrimination

    1. Lostinfrance 10 Jun 2013, 10:07am

      Contact the Arcangues tourist office to let them know why you will not be visiting their town…….

  5. Robert (Kettering) 10 Jun 2013, 12:35am

    The Act was passed by a democratic vote in a democratic country therefore the right wing religious bigots will jus have to get over it. Do these facists really expect to overturn a democratic law, endorsed by most French people, by using such pathetic means?

    1. Do these facists really expect to overturn a democratic law, endorsed by most French people

      Yes they do! As you stated they are fascists, underpinned by fundamentalist catholic ideology – just as in Argentina under the generals or Franco’s Spain, Chile, Portugal, Mexico – the list goes on.
      All these countries now have same-sex marriage as they have come to realise who the fascists are and who supported their misdeeds.
      I expect the same has happened in France, the open support of the catholic church has rather given the game away – most ordinary and nominal catholics are disgusted by the bigotry – and the fascists are now having a hissy fit. They know they are right, they have god on their side (they believe).
      Delusional ideologies are dangerous and especially so when the believe they have the support of an invisible friend.

      1. Just a fact checking: Chile does not have same-sex marriage, not even civil union.

        1. Yes your correct, missed that, they have been seriously discussing it. the other conditions apply though.

  6. These Homophobes Need ToLearned A Lesson!! Hollande Teach Them! THey Will Be Boo When That Happen In The Philippines! Shame To Barjot And UMP! Where Are They Gays In French And The Left Wingers? They Should Be Out And Confront These Cowards Who Hid Thei Bigot Faces Behond These Super Gay Diva Masks!

  7. Enrique Esteban 10 Jun 2013, 7:44am

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on 2nd link to confirm.

  8. It does worry me that he was able to get into the venue with a flare in the first place! I suspect that there must have been some inside help there.

  9. You can understand why they are still protesting, because so many terrible things have happened in France because of the equal marriage law coming into effect. NOT.

  10. Jock S. Trap 10 Jun 2013, 9:46am

    Seriously, some people need to get over it and except that on marriage equality they are a minority.

    The majority we listen to, Hate we don’t and should never have to!

  11. PeterinSydney 10 Jun 2013, 10:38am

    There is no better way to put other people off than this sort of stupid protest. They will help to put the people off them more quickly than anything.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Jun 2013, 12:01pm

    The fact that these loons wear a mask proves just what a bunch of loathesome cowards they really are.

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