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YouGov poll: Next Doctor Who actor being straight less important than being male and British

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Reader comments

  1. UglyGeezer 8 Jun 2013, 10:37am

    The Doctor having a sexuality at all has been a mistake, he’s an alien with a fondness for humans, like pets.

  2. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2013, 11:05am

    I think it’s great that after 50 years we still have a Doctor Who actor change and speculation on the front pages.

    The idea of a woman speculation has also been going for years but either way it’s brilliant… it show it still has it even after all these years.

  3. The Doctor should have no gender, but he should be black with hetrosexual stripes. Just as long as he is not green and from Manchester. GET A LIFE!

    1. That is called humour without it you are less

  4. Forgive me asking, but I haven’t seen Dr Who in 40 years. Is there a lot of graphic sexual content in it these days requiring the ‘talents’ of a hetrosexual male?

    1. No, there isn’t.

  5. I actually had a nightmare about Nigel Farage being the next Doctor Who last night; climbing into a police box next to Dixon of Dock Green sometime in the 1950s and emerging from ‘The Tardis’ in 2013 Britain. Then he suggested: Let’s do the time warp again?’ Er….No, thanks!!!

    1. That There Other David 8 Jun 2013, 12:48pm

      There’s something in that. Most of Nigel’s opinions do indeed come from the distant past.

      He’s more like Davros though IMO ;-)

      1. That’s defamatory to the creator of the Daleks. I’m sure Davros was otherwise quite a nice being, except obviously when it came to Thals and anyone, including Daleks, who didn’t agree with him…

    2. Spanner1960 9 Jun 2013, 1:41am

      You need to change your medication.

  6. If there is a reason (plotwise) for the doctor to be female, black, asian etc then fine, but if its just as a gimmick to cause a few days of headlines then im less happy with it. Some of the names that have been suggested are fine actors but would make terrible doctors- Chiwatel Ejiofor for example would be superb at the dramatic bits but has the comic timing of a brick. Sue Perkins (love her!) ..but no, Richard Ayaode has the comic bit perfectly but i havent seen him do dramatic. Helen Mirren(!) is just a bizarre suggestion.
    Ben Daniels is at least openly gay, but im not convinced he has the gravitas to hold an entire series himself, he works a lot better as part of an ensemble, and despite his companions the Doctor is on screen a lot alone.
    Personally- Id love Damian Maloney, (especially if he keeps his irish accent),

  7. I think Jo Brand would make a fantastic doctor.

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2013, 12:08pm

      Oh yes… brilliant, though I fear it would have to go on after the 9pm watershed!! lol

    2. Spanner1960 9 Jun 2013, 1:41am


    3. Joanna Lumley for the Twelfth Doctor!!!

  8. ‘Straight actor’? Wake up and smell the coffee folks! There is no such animal! And, yes, I am an actor. And I have NEVER met one who is totally straight! They have all had their ‘flings’ with someone of the same sex at least once. So even if they prefer the opposite sex (which is rare), they have all ‘explored’ their sexuality at some point.

    1. GingerlyColors 8 Jun 2013, 11:38am

      I would smell more coffee if they bring back Captain Jack’s boyfriend, Ianto Jones in Torchwood!

      1. Loved Janto! I think its unlikely though, you would hear me squealing from low orbit if they did. Gareth can definately fill out a suit well!

      2. Spanner1960 9 Jun 2013, 1:43am

        He’s stiffed mate. Much like Cap’n Jack and Torchwood.
        None of them are coming back.

        1. Come to think of it, though, isn’t it about time the Doctor had a new gay companion- although not a Captain Jack clone. Imagine the fun that could result if there was an encounter with Jacketed Jack at some point. They could play off each other!

  9. GingerlyColors 8 Jun 2013, 11:36am

    Sex was never originally a part of Doctor Who, which was originally aimed at older children when it first debuted in 1963, a time when homosexuality was still a custodial offence. Sex continued to be excluded from Dr. Who until the programme’s cancellation in the late 1980’s.
    Since it’s revival in 2005 sex and sexuality has been discussed in the show which seems to be aimed at a more mature audience than the original series. The Doctor for example seems closer to his female companions. Furthermore gay characters have featured in the show, for instance, Roger Curbishley who was in a relationship with butler Davenport in ‘The Unicorn And The Wasp’.
    Then of course who can forget Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman who was given his own show in the spin-off, Torchwood!
    Perhaps a gay, or should I say omnisexual Doctor would be more well received than a female Doctor.

  10. Midnighter 8 Jun 2013, 12:09pm

    There is no way the Doctor should become female in my view simply because the cannon of the show has previously shown us female Timelords in multiple incarnations and referenced figures such as his daughter by gender as though it were a constant for their species.

    I think in characters like River Song we’ve seen some excellent depictions of strong female leads, and would love to see more of her on screen save for the fact that the pair of them would make mincemeat of the ‘regular’ storylines.

    My only preference is that the actor is British.

    I think what we are overdue is a young male companion; in spite of the poor acting I remember identifying with Adric the maths genius who tagged a long for a goodly while. Someone a bit reckless and naive who needs rescuing without the need for any lovey dovey stuff :P

    1. The BBC needs to do a) a steampunk spin-off with Vastra, Jenny, et al (and as Captain Jack was present in victorian times an early Jack cameo?)
      b) A non comedy male companion. Ok Arthur Darvill’s Rory was lovely but Turlough he wasnt, he seemed to be mostly a comedy foil for Amy.
      c) Drop the end of the world series arc- was ok the first five times but can we have some stand alone adventures without needing to save the universe in the last episode.
      d) less daleks and cybermen (for a bit)- yes they came back, yes i loved them, but theres too much of a good thing. Some new baddies? its a big universe after all?

      1. Spanner1960 9 Jun 2013, 1:52am

        a) Dear God no..They are bloody awful.
        b) I loathed Rory. Bring back Jamie!
        c) Agreed.
        e) Agreed

        f) GET RID OF THAT BLOODY SONIC SCREWDRIVER! Every time they get in a fix, he sorts it out with that bloody thing.
        g) Get a new composer. The music is awful, loud and intrusive.

        1. GingerlyColors 9 Jun 2013, 6:58pm

          That bloody sonic screwdriver is cheesy as a roll of Wensleydale and I agree with you wholeheartedly!

      2. GingerlyColors 9 Jun 2013, 6:56pm

        I remember Turlough fondly myself. He was played by Mark Strickson who began his acting career with a theatre company that travelled the UK by narrowboat, performing shows at canalside pubs. A well-known actor who also cut his teeth with the same theatre company is Mark Williams who recently stared as Father Brown and has appeared in Dr. Who a couple of times as Rory’s father, Brian Williams. Mark Strickson also worked Mark Williams on the making of the Discovery TV series, ‘Industrial Revelations’ which was presented by the latter. The canal-based theatre company is called Mikron and still tours the canal system every summer.

    2. Apparently a Time Lord called the Corsair has been mentioned a couple of times as having had both male and female regenerations, and the Doctor seemed to suggest once that it was possible for him to regenerate as a woman.

      1. Yes he/she could, just as Romana could change her appearance during regeneration at will, “canon” seems to suggest that different time lords can do different things. Moffat doesnt seem too fussed about upsetting the fanboys though!

    3. Spanner1960 9 Jun 2013, 1:47am

      I think any nationality could play the Doctor, but he has to appear and sound English.
      Even David Tennant dumped his Scottish accent to play it.

    4. What?! Sorry, but which decade are you living in, Midnighter? Women can do anything, including save the world. And incidentally, during Matt Smith’s tenure, it has now been established that Time Lords can switch gender during regenerations. It’s long overdue that we had a female Doctor.

  11. This is misleading though. The sexuality of the ACTOR doesn’t matter to people because the CHARACTER being played is going to be played as straight. If the Doctor is played by a woman or a POC, they will not be able to play the Doctor as White and Male. A gay actor can very easily play a straight Doctor

    No surprise that UKIP can’t abide the idea of a gay actor playing a straight Doctor

  12. Godric Godricson 8 Jun 2013, 1:54pm

    The whole thing is ‘hetero-normative’.

    1. Nothing wrong with that.

  13. The formula’s worked well so far. I’m a strong advocate for equal rights etc, but I don’t want to see a great show ruined just to show how politically correct the Beeb can be….Unless the female/black/asian/senior aged/homosexual…whatever actor/actress is a good choice for the role.
    I just can’t imagine the doctor not being a quirky, sometimes goofy eccentric Brit. Even an older male, as they often were back in the day. I fear that tampering with the role too much may ruin a great show.
    I think the male/female duo in Doctor Who works best, too. I can’t imagine how that would work with a ‘gay doctor’. Even as a gay man myself.

    1. That should be, even an older male, wouldn’t fit the bill anymore, despite pre-2005, most of them were.
      I just hope the Beeb don’t ruin a great show, there’s very few decent things left on TV.

  14. There were quite a few hints (and the odd bit of flirting with Captain Jack!) from Christopher Ecclestones’ Doctor that suggested the character has had fairly wide experience… as you’d expect from someone who’d lived that long and travelled so much. As said, though, the sexuality of the actual actor is irrelevant.

    1. There was a fair bit from Tennant as well…well in my head there was!

  15. As has been said, the Doctor in his many incarnations has been around for a good bit. I see him in expressing his sexuality (if at all) as “been there, done that – too many times to remember, even got the tshirt”. The sexuality of the actual actor needn’t be a factor. As long as he has the right amout of “Doctor Whoiness”.

  16. What a bizarre poll! David Tennant was my fave doctor. The Doctor is surely asexual anyway, although may be the time for Russell Tovey in his first gay role!

    1. Didn’t he have a wife and kids.

      1. He is married to River Song and he did have one child back when David Tenant & Catherine Tate were on it. The character of his daughter has not featured since, despite the fact that she herself had regenerated.

  17. Francisco Franco 8 Jun 2013, 10:42pm

    Must be Doctor Who: jewish, mexican woman transgender, only british in his or her wit…

  18. Spanner1960 9 Jun 2013, 1:36am

    I don’t care what sexuality he is next time, as long as he isn’t a total twat like the last one.

  19. Bring back David

  20. Personally, I don’t care about the ethnicity or sexuality of the next Dr but I do think that this is one of those TV roles that should be played by a man.

    The Dr is a Time Lord not a Time Lady and I am not convinced that ar part of his regeneration would he be able to change sex.

    Having said that, there are enough female actors who would be a great Dr but at the moment I am unconvinced that it would work.

  21. What is UKIP? And Lib Dem?

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