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Rock Hudson’s sexuality confessions to his wife recorded by detective

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think James Dean took much seducing, lol

  2. The Tapes i REALLY want to hear (if they are real) are the Countess Dorothy Di Frasso tapes- Dietrich, Colbert, Cary Grant, Billy Haines, Clifton Webb, and a load of other stars talking frankly to each other and being secretly recorded (after quite a few drinks!). Now that would be enlightening!
    Grants cruising apparently makes Rock Hudson look like a monk.

    1. Nice to see that even a Billy Haines or a Clifton Webb have not been forgotten.

  3. It’s mildly interesting but as news from 1958 it’s getting a bit dusty these days.

    1. Staircase2 10 Jun 2013, 7:22pm

      Maybe in your world…
      But some people have a concept of life which stretches wider than the last five years…

  4. Christopher in Canada 8 Jun 2013, 1:03pm

    Boys don’t fit??? What the hell does THAT mean?

    Nothing wrong with using a little spit… applied with a tongue and a pair of wet lips… is it getting warm in here?

  5. I’m only surprised because I thought his wife was aware all along the marriage was PR to cover up Hudson’s sexuality.

    1. I feel like I need a shower just reading this –Talk about BETRAYAL !! Low & Dirty !!
      It’s such an Invasion of Privacy. It’s NONE of anyone’s business. I’m sure the back-stabbing wife wasn’t complaining TOO MUCH while she was “spending his money”, and enjoying her “status”. (and paying a P.I. with money HE made !!)

    2. his wife was also a lesbian… she was mostly worried that if Hudson came out it would ruin her comfy, cushy, financial arrangement.

      it had nothing to do with matrimonial jealousy.…-a0143009615

      1. sorry, the link sort of cuts off.. you gotta grab the whole thing with your mouse and copy it into your browser window.


    Have I landed on the Daily Mail website by mistake?

    1. I think the word confession is justified if you’re telling the person you’re in a relationship that you’re not attracted to them.

  7. Help end the shame and emotional pain of sham “Lavender Marriages”. Let gays marry whom they really love.

    (Bumper sticker)

  8. floridahank 8 Jun 2013, 10:07pm

    I’m glad there’s only one Hollyweird — that way we can watch them in one place.

    1. And I bet you just love watching ’em, eh Hank?

      The fact that you felt it necessary to comment says more than you could possibly imagine.

    2. Perhaps you can take some comfort in knowing that you are probably not the only closet case in Florida Hank.
      Enjoy your life.

  9. Given the Hollywood Reporter’s scandal style journalism, and columnist like “Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood” who supposedly at the urging of studio’s of the day outed a lesser known star as a bribe instead of the rising star Rock Hudson… the tape and facts remain as questionable.

    At one time reportedly secretary to Hudson or his agent, Philis Gates was reportedly urged to marry Hudson to deflect speculation about his sexuality. Whether she was angry at being duped or paid to remain silent has been speculated, supposedly she has remained as elusive and evasive about Hudson ever since. She is one wife that did not “Kiss and tell” and her silence spurred much speculation. This latest revelation and supposed dialogue is likely as questionable as other bogus reports over the years.

  10. Enrique Esteban 10 Jun 2013, 8:26am

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on 2nd link to confirm.

  11. Staircase2 10 Jun 2013, 7:24pm

    People should read Armistead Maupin’s own warm account of his ongoing sexual friendship with Rock Hudson.

    Very interesting :o)

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