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Ghana: Journalists Association president rebuked for urging anti-gay slant in media

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t quite understand the “cameras in bedrooms” bit.

    Whats that got to do with sexuality?

    People have sex in a vast array of ways- not dependant on their sexuality.

    She is falling into a false idea of what being gay really is-actually perpetuating popular ignorant misconceptions.

    Still a long long way to go

    1. That There Other David 8 Jun 2013, 7:42pm

      He, not she. The picture is of Audrey Gadzekpo, who is on our side.

      As for Mr. Monney, the man’s the worst kind of fool. One in a position of influence. I’m sure the BBC will give him a job soon though with that attitude.

  2. Matt Pedersen 8 Jun 2013, 5:43pm

    Africa is a hell hole. It should be left to fester on its own and with a bit of luck taken over by the wild animals as a sanctuary for them free of these sub-par intelligent ‘people’

    1. That There Other David 8 Jun 2013, 7:45pm

      Most of the bile being spouted is thanks to funding and propaganda from outside of Africa itself. We need to counter the imported ideas of Scott Lively and co., rather than just wipe our hands of the entire continent. LGBTs across Africa need our support.

      1. Your are right Other David.

        It’s vital to stay in Africa. The fundamentalist-christians are there working with the local (muslims and others). WE as gays and lesbians should be advocating for our government and all kind of organisations to help our brothers and sisters. They are in real danger and they are alone.

    2. poverty brings people to a lack of education and rise in religious superstitions, the lack of education brings to intolerance, especially to the ones who are minorities! Giving up on Africa and its human rights is equal with a genocide of our LGBT brothers and sisters from there and not only! We rather rise awareness and try to help out since we are spoiled enough to live in such developed cultures as ours! And instead of sending them priests we should rather send them real educators and doctors, improve their life starting with that…

    3. Wow. Let’s just dismiss 20% of the world’s land area and one-sixth of its population (including its LGBT percentage) in 2 sentences. A sophisticated and well-thought-out analysis, well done.

      1. Exactly. Africa gave the world the first country with gay equality written into the constitution. It’s given us countless LGBT individuals and groups prepared to stand up and fight for their rights. Just yesterday I was chatting to an African friend who was telling me the safest countries to visit in Africa. From now on I will of course be leaving her and other people of her sub-par intelligence to “fester”.

    4. Yeah, you’re right Matt. All Africans are sub-par subhumans who…

      Oh damn, I can’t even be bothered to be sarcastic to you.

      Africa isn’t a hellhole – parts of the continent are the most beautiful places you can ever see anywhere on the globe. And Africans aren’t sub-par.

      There are whole sections of the continent that are driven by various Muslim and Christian ‘beliefs’ – paid for and propogated by Arabs on one hand and Westerners on the other – but African people are no more likely to be stupid than you are.

      Hold on, I’m not going to use you as an example. You’ve already demonstrated your worth as a human being.

      Africa has a lot of problems, but our job is to support LGBT Africans wherever we can. It’s going to be a long fight, but most African LGBT activists are – at the very, complete, absolute least – your intellectual equal, Matt.

      Many of those activists are heroes, Matt. Learn from them.

  3. Africa has got it right. Nature does not tolerate homosexuality, so why should the African people?

    1. WTF! Nature created homosexuality; it’s ignorant, bigoted fools like you that are intolerant.

    2. Well a quick search on Youtube says you’re wrong on both counts…
      This documentary film shows footage of single sex animal couples going at it hammer and tongs, and there’s plenty more evidence where that came from.
      You were saying?
      (This is normally the cue for right wing bigots of all stripes to shift the goalposts and claim they never brought nature into the discussion and that we shouldn’t be looking to nature for our moral lessons anyway. I agree on that, but would point out it’s invariably religious fundamentalists who invoke the naturalistic fallacy first by telling us gay sex is unnatural, whatever that means.)

    3. Why should we tolerate pricks like u…

  4. “Human rights lawyer Kenneth Attafuah also warned against Mr Monney’s stance, saying that to justify slandering someone because of their sexuality would require ”cameras in bedrooms”.”

    Frankly even if there were cameras in these bedrooms I can’t see how that would ‘justify’ slandering someone on the basis of their sexual orientation. That’s just compounding the prejudice with a giant dose of Big Brother intrusion.

  5. As with the Vatican, England has alot to answer for.

  6. Enrique Esteban 10 Jun 2013, 8:00am

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on 2nd link to confirm.

  7. “82 percent of citizens ‘abhor homosexuality’ solely because they subscribe to religions whose leaders have spoken out against gay activity”.

    So in other words, 82% of Ghanaians do not have the ability to think freely for themselves.

    Professor Audrey Gadzekpo’s comments are most welcome

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