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France: Five held over death of Clement Meric

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Reader comments

  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Jun 2013, 5:00pm

    If you look at Advocate, you can see this French activist marching against homophobia. He was our dear Friend-

    1. more trouble from the churrch of the holy Inquistion and kiddie twiddling

      the bishop of fance called for civil war if marriage passed

      He should be tried and if found guilty of being an accessory befor the fact, bring out the guilotine.

  2. I feel sorrow and anger in equal measures. I want vengeance for this vicious murder, but know we must let the French justice system take its course. The French press are pitching this as “far left versus far right”. However, it should be all of France versus the far right…!, but I’ve yet to see the outrage from French citizens that this brutal murder deserves.

    France. Your move. The world is watching.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Jun 2013, 7:24pm

      I very much agree with you, Phill !

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jun 2013, 7:36pm

      Totally concur. Where exactly is the condemnation from the Roman Catholic cult in all this? They are the ones who instigated and supported Manif Pour Tous who I’m sure the far right have taken their cue from. They’re all collectively responsible for this poor man’s brutal murder. It’s outrageous that the French people aren’t taking a stand. 15,000 is pitiful.

      1. its just another example of how the churches claim to support life is a grand lie

        the only question is whether Islam or xtianity has murdered more people.

  3. Haters incite violence, that includes many MPs

  4. Disgusting murder of a young man. The far right is a worry. UKIP, BNP, EPL, SPL etc.

  5. Rest in Peace, Clement.

    We should all be inspired by this beautiful young man who fought literally to the death for what he believed in.

    I only wish I had an ounce of his courage. I also wish that the author of this piece, wouldn’t attempt to pigeonhole this young lad into a ‘right’ or a ‘left’.

    He was a gay man. A proud gay man who fought for what he believed in.

    There’s no right or left about it. Let’s leave that rhetoric for where it belongs, in the hate-filled pages of the Daily Mail.

    I hope someday that the ‘good men’, the ‘moral men’ who talk from the Country’s pulpits with crucifixes hanging from their necks are reminded that Jesus wasn’t the only one butchered to death for his beliefs.

    Clement Meric was butchered also.

    Not forgetting dear Matthew Shepherd and the thousand of our numbers who have perished at the hands of someone moral agenda.

    1. You said it, buddy.

      This young man’s murder breaks my heart in the way Matthew Shepherd’s did many years ago, in the same way that those killed, tortured, and jailed around the world do.

      R.I.P. Clément.

  6. PeterinSydney 8 Jun 2013, 10:38pm

    WHat a terrible hate crime, taking a fine young life. I Hope they arrest not only the assailants but also those who have been encouraging anti-gay sentiment in France recently. Especially Mrs Frigid and the nasty old Archbishop of Paris.

  7. Time the French Government took ‘action’ to protect it’s citizens!

  8. This death was an accident. No it shouldn’t have happened, but if the people that attacked him had been left wing, this wouldn’t have the coverage it does. It’s being blown out of proportion. Let his family grieve in peace.

    1. the death wasnt an accident, it resulted from homophobic attack and yes fascism and far right politics has more support in france then in uk. i mean how many mps there are in uk that belong to far right parties… none

    2. Wonder if magoo would change his story if it was his kid

      BTW the nazis killed all the gays they could find, estimated at 100,000 (must all be in lower case)

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