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US: Illinois delayed vote on equal marriage a ‘stunning victory’, say opponents

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Reader comments

  1. PeterinSydney 7 Jun 2013, 10:05pm

    Now everyone in Illinois must work very hard to make it an even more stunning defeat for the Catholic Bishops and their fellow homophobes.

  2. Midnighter 7 Jun 2013, 11:05pm

    A spot of premature joculation, methinks.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jun 2013, 12:03am

    I think the required number of votes is 60. From what I’ve read, there were one or two on the fence. If they can get them to get on board, then they should go for a vote before the deadline.

    1. Jerry Joe 8 Jun 2013, 6:43am

      I think that they had the votes but that they want it to pass so narrowly

  4. I really hope they can get enough support and wipe the smug attitudes from those hateful bigots.

  5. lukefromcanada 8 Jun 2013, 12:19am

    brown just clutches at whatever he can get its almost over for him, his head will explode when prop8 and doma are struck down

  6. Neon Genesis 8 Jun 2013, 1:00am

    NOM didn’t even do anything in this campaign other than send out robocalls. This is hardly a victory for the Religious Right as much as it is a lack of will among politicians.

  7. Tom (Winnipeg) 8 Jun 2013, 1:41am

    Not only are they insufferably stupid, they are also very short-sighted. Inevitably, equal marriage will be a fact.

  8. There was also a no vote in the State of Maryland and a year later marriage equality happened.

    1. bobbleobble 8 Jun 2013, 9:21am

      New York took three goes as well and look what happened in Maine. They have to claim this as a stunning victory because it’s the closest thing they’ve had to one since North Carolina last year.

  9. The rude idiot that heckled First Lady Michelle Obama because she felt her husband was not moving fast enough to issue an executive order (When the President had strategic reasons to delay it) will not help to win over the African American votes in Illinois.
    It’s time for some smarter political operatives!

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