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Michael Portillo: The Tories are nowhere near as divided on equal marriage as the Churches

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Reader comments

  1. Paula Thomas 7 Jun 2013, 8:09pm

    Probably true in the sense that Everest is higher than K2. However both are seriously big mountains. Similarly both the churches and the Conservative Party are seriously split.

  2. He’s right,
    ““I think the country has (taken same sex marriage in it’s stride) and in that old fashioned way Parliament has voted and as I say big majorities have been achieved in both Houses – end of issue, over.””

    It’s the churches that have the enormous divisions over same sex marriage and gay issues generally, they don’t seem willing or able to resolve their own self-created problems.

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 7 Jun 2013, 8:17pm

    Takes a looooong time to admit that a sin is not a sin.

  4. GulliverUK 7 Jun 2013, 8:18pm

    The Tory party seems split down the middle, whilst churches seem split in different ways. But the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church both have some leaders which are strongly anti-gay, who are supported by a small band of homophobic followers.

    The majority of followers, both here and in the US, both RC and CofE, have a majority in favor of equal rights, including equal marriage rights. Those people don’t really have a voice in either church – they are, after all, … followers; leaders get publicity and the mike, whilst followers just stand on the sidelines wondering if anyone will actually listen to their views some day.

    1. I agree. This statement from Portillo is made only now that SSM is almost a “done deal”: he sees it as his duty now to paint the Tories white, airbrush away their vile homophobic past, and get everyone to point at the wicked churches! Clever strategy, Mr. Portillo, but we’re not stupid, you know, and we can remember history, and, in particular, your attitude to us in recent decades.

  5. And?

    Tories are less homophobic than notoriously homophobic institutions. Big deal

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jun 2013, 8:40pm

    Totally agree with him. It’s the CoE that is responsible for the appearances of division in the Tory party. Had Welby offered no resistance from day one, since this is a civil matter, I’m sure there would have been less resistance in the Party. I don’t think their back benchers could have imagined such an astounding result in the Lords. I also think they believed that as some had predicted in the past few months that it would be massacred in the Lords. Didn’t happen by any stretch of the imagination. It’s completely gobsmacked the back benchers in my view. Especially CoE loons Burrowes, Loughton, Bone and Howarth and that harridan Dorries.

  7. PeterinSydney 7 Jun 2013, 10:07pm

    Well said Mr Portillo. The Religious lot just can’t stay out of the bedrooms and the private lives of other people. They still believe they run the Inquisition, I am sure. But now they are so so irrelevant.

  8. “End of issue, over” EXCEPT for

    The Daily Mail
    The Telegraph
    The Catholic Church
    The Anglican Church
    The Muslim Church

    But bear in mind-both the newspapers mentioned are themselves owned by Catholic proprietors!!!

  9. Peter & Michael 7 Jun 2013, 10:23pm

    If remembered correctly in the book ‘Pretty Straight Guys’ by Nick Cohen ( for Copyright purpose) on Page 57 stating ‘So conclusive was the triumph of gay rights, Michael Portillo and the modernising Conservatives insisted that Tories must promote them if they ever wanted to be elected again’, and this has proved to be so, within the past few days the Labour Party has become to line up with the present Conservative party, the forthcoming General Election will be the decider, and from the latest polls, we believe that the Conservatives will win, because they have given a minority population access to a Gold Standard of Marriage. In David Cameron as a Prime Minister, he has stuck to his promise of Equality for All.

  10. And I, Michael Portillo, used to be a big fat closet case and while I was in government voted against all pro-gay reforms and for repression- and sued the pants off of anyone who suggested I might be a gayer. But i’m really liberal now. Really.

    1. He has left Islam out….by far the biggest hater of Gays as far as religion goes.

    2. Philip Breen 8 Jun 2013, 10:57am

      Give him a chance despite his past! He was probably afraid of the possible consequences in his own life. If he has grown up and developed his understanding, that is good. However, there are still many gay reforms needed in the UK. Repression and stereotyped anti-gay prejudice are still rife in UK culture and legislation.

  11. He has left Islam out….by far the biggest hater of Gays as far as religion goes.

  12. What a nasty hypocrite. He has been sounding off against marriage equality very recently and very publically.

  13. It would do Michael Portillo a world of good to eat his words of a few weeks ago.
    Has the man had an epiphany and conceeded that his past, less than tolerant views toward gay people have been a bit ignorant or is it he has just realised that they are incompatable with a media career now that he sees how resoundingly he is in a minority and the embarrasing company he would be associated with Dear, Lord Dear. dear dear.
    I think we need further clarification Michael.

    1. I admire people who don’t forget history. Bravo, Renovato.

  14. Ah yes, Michael Portillo…

    The man famous for coming out and saying that he had homosexual experiences when he was in school and college, but, grew out of them…

    The man who when he was a Minister did everything in his mad swivel eyed loon Tory power to ensure that we were treated as third class citizens.

    I wonder has it ever dawned on his moronic mind that the vast majority of Tories are either Anglican or Catholic?

  15. Godric Godricson 8 Jun 2013, 1:48pm

    I have no time for ‘born again’ Tories who have miraculously found equality is a good thing or for Anglicans who have now stopped abusing LGBTI people after causing so much hurt. Both Tories and Anglicans should make financial reparations for their actions in the past. Remember all those over the years who have committed suicide because of the actions and public statements made by Tories and Church. As a group…..We must never forget what has happened even if the abuser appears to stop abusing us.

    1. Very well said, Godric. And it puts me in mind of the Good Uncle advising the kiddies only two days ago that if they want any more sweeties they must be very very good and not displease him. That too is a form of abuse.

  16. I would like to see Portillo’s judgement that “the churches are haemorrhaging membership like water disappearing from a bath and they don’t have any way of dealing with this problem” officially rubber-stamped by the churches themselves! It would so set my mind at rest! But the trouble with cultists is that their beliefs are addictions, and they don’t ever give up.

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