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Ipswich: Supporters of gay-friendly pub stage sit-in as landlord faces court action

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  1. Liam the God 7 Jun 2013, 3:54pm

    Punch Taverns are a bunch of mercenary asset strippers, Most pubs they sell off are ones they bought cheap, and they sell them on with a “No Pub Use!” clause, resulting in many old “Community” pubs being closed and then turned into houses, shops, or demolished.
    Good luck to these people!

  2. Sounds like good old fashioned homophobia to me.

    If the pub is doing as well as the licensee says, then it would be silly for them to get rid of him; regardless of a business plan from someone else. If his lease was due for renewal then that could be a different matter.

    Let’s hope that the judge at the hearing favours the licensee.

  3. Sounds like some old fart showed up with a clipboard and felt queasy at the sight of such a diverse clientele and returned to HQ to shake their head and have a moan to a similarly minded boss. These breweries have a fairly bland idea of what pubs should be offering.

    I doubt there is any way that the owner has legal recourse though… probably is true that technically these contracts can be revoked with little notice, and I doubt any clear proof could be found of homophobia. Small print is a bit of a bugger. Shame.

  4. “Punch Taverns” is a “PubCo”, a pub company, and what these PubCos have been doing all over the country is as follows:

    1. Charge the tenant rents that are too high.

    2. Require (by contact) that the tenant buys all his alcohol from the PubCo (which of course only sells it at a high price).

    Thus, PubCos are ONLY about screwing money out of pubs. They are NOT about community. If a PubCo finds that it is not screwing enough money out of a particular pub it literally increases the rent and the price of the beer and the tenant has no choice but to bow out. The PubCo then usually tells the local council the pub is loss-maker and requests permission to sell it for conversion into a period home (from which the PubCo exits the scene with a pile of money)!

    Punch Taverns does not give a SH*T about pubs as hubs of communities, gay or straight. It’s only interested in how it can increase PROFITS.

    The government needs to legislate against PubCo behaviour.

    1. Sorry, No. 2 refers to the “contract” (not “contact”) that the PubCos require tenants to sign.

      Another thing these contracts involve is agreement by the tenant that any changes to the rent of the pub will ONLY be “upward”, NEVER downward, regardless of how general economic conditions may change!

  5. Would this “business plan by another operator” be from Tesco by any chance??

  6. If enough people come forward to ask the local Council for it to be listed as a Community pub, this may deter Punch Taverns from further action. If one looks on CAMRA website may give information.

    1. Yes. There are some fine examples around the country of local communities haveing rallied together and having successfully stopped a PubCo from closing down a pub, by purchasing it for the local community, with members of the local community contributing towards the purchase of shares and those shares being marked as only permitted to be passed on to other members of the local community.

      Are there enough gay and lesbian people in Ipswich willing to contribute to the purchase of The Grinning Rat and to participate in running the pub thereafter? If not, then it could be said that they don’t have a strong wish or will to have this pub continue. And the greedy money-hungry PubCo will then win. As they usually do.

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