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US: Gay rights protester interrupts Michelle Obama’s speech

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Reader comments

  1. To paraphrase the line from the old Weekend Update segment on SNL (Sat. Night Live): Ellen, you ignorant s***!

    Being in-your-face rude doesn’t work, it triggers disgust in the average citizen and makes us all look bad.

    1. Isn’t it also rude to constantly ignore the human rights of others? If the Obama’s chose to be in the political domain sometimes people will get political when they least expect it – rough with the smooth!!! It ain’t all Oprah & Ellen.

      1. The Obamas have done a hell of a lot for the rights of LGBT people. I’d hardly call what they do ‘ignoring’ human rights.

        And yeah, rough with the smooth, but the rough in this case chose to be rough. What an ignorant, rude woman Ellen seems like.

      2. I agree with Mijacmad wholeheartedly. Michelle Obama could have easily responded to Ellen Sturtz by telling her that she and her husband have done allot for gay rights and that if Ellen wanted to discuss the matter, she would do so later. Instead, she used her position as First Lady to intimidate the woman. For the wife of a head of State to tell a protestor, “you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You have one choice” was bullying. She had to know the ripple of fear she would create in Ellen and the benefit attendees around her. Ellen Sturtz was making a crucial point: gay people are the only people who are treated as second class citizens in the U.S. Someone should remind the First that when African Americans were fighting for their civil rights, they didn’t just annoy a First Lady (like Eartha Kitt did Lady Bird Johnson) they also rioted and used violence. Ellen Sturtz may have been out of place but she was not out of line.

  2. Marcwebbo3 5 Jun 2013, 3:54pm

    Whilst I agree with what Ellen was campaigning for I disagree with her methods…heckling Michelle is not the right way of doing things especially as she has constantly supported LGBT rights

  3. On the Other Hand 5 Jun 2013, 4:01pm

    Isn’t the problem with executive orders that they can easily be rescinded by a new President?

    Even so, even a temporary fix like that may be helpful, – but then maybe there are political deals going on that we know nothing about.

    Personally I found the 1st Lady’s aggressive response a bit disturbing, there are better ways of talking to your supporters. She could just have said “Thank you, I’ll pass that on to the President” instead of making a scene. Look at the decorum in the House of Lords between people with drastically opposed views!

    1. Midnighter 5 Jun 2013, 9:44pm

      It seems Mrs O’s response was not any different to anyone else there given the comment from Ellen about ” how negative the crowd seemed to be”. People were there for a purpose, and that purpose was derailed by one person’s stunt. I’d guess there was also probably a reasonable element of alarm in their reactions to the interruption, since these days we are all very aware of the lengths that some people go to in order to get their message heard.

      In terms of your suggestion I rather think that committing to do that would set a precedent that heckling the first lady gets you a hotline to the white house. She might have found a more placatory way but its not like she told her to STFU after all.

      1. Karen St J 6 Jun 2013, 6:41pm

        Second class citizens should remember their place?

        1. Well put Karen.

  4. Bishop Crusty 5 Jun 2013, 6:01pm

    Michelle announced she was not good at handling such situations, and then proved herself right.

  5. I totally understand a need to make a stance with regards to our rights. But there’s a time a and place and sometimes you can do more harm than good.

    Obama has done a lot of LGBT rights in the US. As much as Ellen may like everything to change over night, it’s not possible, as they say, tiny steps and frankly to do this to Michelle Obama was damn right rude.

    She IS the first lady and not the President. She does a lot of various charitable stuff, but she has no say in how her husband runs the country.

    1. Really? You think Nancy Reagen had no say in how Ronnie ran the country?

  6. Take the T out of LGBT and see how fast Obamarama moves….the T is diluting our struggles

    1. Karen St J 6 Jun 2013, 6:49pm

      Yeah! Get rid of those icky Mudbloods!

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