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This is what equal marriage is all about: Lesbian couple appeal for their son to have ‘married mummies’

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  1. I follow these ladies on twitter and they are very vocal in their support of equal marriage.

    And bloody nice ladies too!

  2. Nice family, here’s hoping they get their wish, along with the many others, and the bill’s passed in time for August 2014. :)

  3. Pls, sign to support gay marriage in Romania (http://www.petitieonline.com/vrem_parteneriat_civil_in_romania)
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    Prenume=first name; Nume=family name; Oras=city; Tara=county.
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  4. Michael 2912 5 Jun 2013, 1:20pm

    And this really is the point that our opponents are either incapable of understanding or ignore because it’s inconvenient.

    Whether parents choose to enter a formal arrangement that the state endorsed is a matter for them but those who choose to, many of whom will have children, should not be told by the state that their family is somehow of a lesser status simply because they are the same sex. What does that say to the children?

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