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Stephen Fry reveals he attempted suicide in 2012

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  2. Marcwebbo3 5 Jun 2013, 6:21pm

    Stephen is one of my favourite celebs….its heartbreaking to read what hes going through….thank goodness his producer found him on time….I hope his medication hepls him and there is no more attempts to take his life….the world would be a sadder place without him

  3. Please, sign to support gay marriage in Romania.
    Help to sing: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country. You’ll receive and e-mail and have to click on the 2nd link to confirm.

  4. That There Other David 5 Jun 2013, 6:29pm

    Depression is just so awful. I just want to give him a big hug after reading that.

    1. I know what you mean. But sadly hugs don’t help when someone is as down as Stephen was and can be. My sister has this condition and it really is the most awful thing.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Jun 2013, 7:29pm

    Love the man. I hope he continues to get the help he needs.

  6. a,j,mainland 5 Jun 2013, 7:55pm

    You’re a king of a man Stephen, the world needs more people like you.
    Do be adventurous with complimentary therapies, As a member of Epilepsy Action, I can tell you from experience, Tigers eye, Sunstone and Moss Agate could help a great deal. Palm Stones and chip neclaces have an amazing effect on people who develop the knack of how to work with them. Calming music is another great helper, but enough of my suggestions, your more than worth it Stephen, everyone loves that character and intelligence, so hang on in there and know in your heart how precious to our nation you are.

  7. I am a great admirer of Stephen, not just for his brilliant career, but also for his work in trying to improve peoples understanding of this awful condition.

    My sister has bipolar and so I know first hand how debilitating this can be. We’re extremely close and when she is on a downer it’s impossible to bring her out of it. You can say all the positive things in the world, but all she can see is the negative.

    It’s heartbreaking and you feel incredibly helpless. I have found too that even on the medication, if there is any stress or upset, she may as well not be taking them.

    Thank fully she hasn’t yet tried to take her own life. But it is a fear of mine. I think what helps for her is she is in a very loving relationship with a man who has the patience of an angel. But sill she can have some terrible dark days.

  8. I feel extremely sorry for anyone with a mental illness, as I have lost someone close to me because of one particular mental illness.

    I find it very difficult however to say anymore with regard to Mr. Fry. I simply loathe the way he behaves on television and radio. I really feel he needs to stop playing the role of Olde English Fuddy Duddy. What a role to imprison oneself inside.

  9. There is so much stigma and shame attached to this illness. Stephen could have stayed silent about this recent episode. He is enormously courageous and generous to share it, not out of self pity but on behalf others who have no voice. Stephen, thanks for being so mighty real.

  10. Weegieboi 5 Jun 2013, 9:17pm

    I was (wrongfully) diagnosed as suffering from stress & depression for years & prescribed drugs that combated such. Just last week I went into “meltdown” (talking to myself with major self doubt/harm & lot’s of crying). I was actually suffering bipolar disorder & the meds I was taking (for depression) were extremely dangerous for my condition as they would actually make the “highs” higher (and therefore the “lows” lower”). It’s not something I feel ashamed of, though some people do unfortunately. Stephen Fry should be commended for being so open about his mental health issues that are (hopefully) making it easier for other folks to deal with

  11. Get a life 5 Jun 2013, 9:57pm

    Mr ‘got it all’ is suicidal because he hasn’t got enough. He should spend some time with socially deprived families who can’t afford to feed their kids, the terminally ill who have no choice in their death, the disabled who can’t even walk to the local shop, bullied LGBT youngsters who haven’t got anyone to turn to, or maybe even out of work actors who haven’t been in a Hollywood film, maybe then he’ll realise what suffering is and how lucky he is and stop moaning and being depressed. Pathetic man who I have no sorrow for.

    The only thing he suffers from is an ‘I’m not getting enough attention disorder’. If he wanted to kill himself he could have done it, it really isn’t that difficult, but oh no, he gets found each time so he can then go on TV or radio and tell everyone how depressed he is. Get a life you stupid moron. There are people with real problems.

    1. Most people would say that you “Get a Life” is a moron as you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. If you have no understanding on a subject then it’s best to keep quiet rather than make a fool of yourself as you have just done.

      1. You could say that. Frankly I’d just say that he (“Get a Life”) is an ignorant, obnoxious c*nt, and leave it at that.

    2. Midnighter 5 Jun 2013, 10:39pm

      You clearly need to educate yourself about these things. I really suggest you do; they are quite likely to kick you in the arse at some point in your life, either directly or indirectly via a friend or loved one.

      Stress related illnesses happen to the strongest of people. The mind is sitting atop a chemically driven machine operating in delicate balance. It doesn’t take much for a little over production of something here or and under-production there to have major knock on effects.

      Real life doesn’t have to throw a spanner in the works to trigger mental disorders, it can just happen, much like any physical ailment.

      If you are genuinely concerned about LGBT youth, I suggest you take note of the rates of depression and suicide amongst that group (significantly higher than their straight peers) and put some thought and empathy into your comments in the future.

    3. Here is a link you ignorant self-righteous pillock. Read and educate yourself about Bi-Polar. You obviously know nothing about it. Then, when you’ve done that, may I suggest you go shove your opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

  12. My dear Stephan’s bipolar can be so crippling and yet he takes advantage of all this gifts that he has; sophistication, intelligence, wit, and charm galore. I don’t know the man personally but I feel as I do. I loved his series on the United States which was so insightful, humorous, stinging, and yet very respectful of we Americans – your country cousins.

  13. It would be a total tragedy if anything happened to Stephen Fry. He’s a national treasure. I can’t imagine how he must feel to want to attempt suicide but I hope he understands how much of a loss he would be. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this man!!!

  14. Stephen who ?

  15. Big hugs to him.

  16. Yeah I attempted suicide last year also after being investigated for child abuse by North Wales Police via community gossip after I was outed as gay.

    The homophobes really destroy my life. Only difference is after my bloods were clean and their investigations broke down, no one wanted to hear my story!.

    1. keith francis farrell 6 Jun 2013, 9:49am

      That is the big problem most people have. I helped someone who I knew from facebook, never met, he became homeless over a weekend. while here he saw pictures (not naked) of my hubby, who looks like he is very young, blessed with that. but after all my help he accused me of the same. maybe it was that I was not unfaithful to my hubby. Josh looks 15 but is now 30, the pictures were taken when he was 28. Josh buys his clothing in the childrens department, ages 12-15, for size.
      I have never in my life had sex with someone under age, and never will. I have a number of friends on facebook who I have watched grow up. I used to be very into gaming. They all know who I am and what my age is, I never discuss having sex with them. I have however been asked many questions about sex and always answer them honestly and from the correct perspective, reminding them about any and all health risks

  17. I know what it is like, I attempted suicide in 2008 by setting on fire the apartment where I was living intending to kill myself of asphyxiation because I couldn’t stand living anymore, although at the time it was unrelated to my sexuality (which I didn’t discover until 2011) and to more general acute depression. Then in 2011 I discovered myself as transgender, started taking female hormones on my own, which messed up with my mind and only worsened my depression and I even started cutting myself. I could only come out of the closet to my family as depressive, suicider and bisexual transgender last year in December. I was horrible at the moment. Couldn’t stop crying and asking them for forgiveness for trying to kill myself. Fortunately everything turned up well and now I take antidepressants. Depression and suicide tendencies is an evil I wouldn’t wish to my worst enemies. I hope Fry is okay now.

  18. GulliverUK 6 Jun 2013, 7:48am

    Well Stephen will have to have a bit more courage and belief in himself because the world would be a very poor place without him and people like him. 5.8m twitter followers and he still fails to see that he’s not only valued, likes and appreciated but that people really want to hear his views – it would be a loss beyond belief if he wasted his gifts and talents. He is multi-talented and a wide-ranging audience – but if QI isn’t working, there are new projects I’d like to see him get more involved in. I’d like a documentary on human sexuality particularly genetic and biologically based – and because of him it would attract huge audiences.

  19. keith francis farrell 6 Jun 2013, 9:31am

    Wow, nice to hear I am not the only one with those mood swings. I too have suffered severe depression, which along with all the pain I have to deal with day to day, it sometimes gets a little too much. I could write a book on the dificulties of getting any form of help. What one does not need so much is another do gooder to talk to, what one needs is the stability and suport to help you cope.
    my situation is complex. My self worth received a blow when I could not pay my way, no benefits of any kind because my spouse works more than 24 hours a week. My spouse is not entitled to any form of govement money. This left us barely able to live, so much so that the only option was for us to seperate so that I could get benefots, but now my whole reason to carry on stuggling through the pain is gone, we can only see each other for a couple of days every 3 months. This is not living. Try getting on DLA, this is next to impossible.

    1. keith francis farrell 6 Jun 2013, 9:39am

      I spend most of my life as a prisoner in my own home. As I live on the second floor, DLA think that I am moble, well I am trying to get a suitable home and am listed as group five for GHA, which means a home suitable for someone with mobility problems, but they are also hard to get.
      This French compony which controls DLA is charged with making it as difficult as possible for anyone to get DLA or PIP and they are paid a lot of money for that. The system follows the same number of declines for every body. believe me I would rather work, I am mentally capable, but cannot spand all day in one place, have dificulity standing, walking, sitting, bending, getting up, getting down. Without having the person who you love in life, what is the piont of living?

      1. Try and hang in there Keith, it ‘s tough I know but don’t let them win. You will win out, life will improve

  20. Joe Clark 6 Jun 2013, 6:36pm

    The term is hypomania, not hypermania and certainly not hyper-mania.

  21. He’s a lovely man and has done so much to highlight the horrors of this crippling condition. I can understand so well what he must have felt like when he did this. I have Bi-Polar and even with mediction the violent swings between the highs and llows are ghastly. I know the kind of low that can lead to a suicide attempt, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
    Yes, the world would be so much poorer without Stephen’s wit, wisdom, kindness and compassion. And the work he does also for GLBTQ rights.

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