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Lord Carlile: Marriages like my daughter and her partner will ‘reinvigorate and strengthen marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. … remind myself at once that my noble friend Lord Flight really is the noted author of an irresistible page-turner entitled All You Need to Know About Exchange Rates

    Ouch! How terrific it is that so many of the speeches of our supporters have been distinguished by calm good sense and clear logic and, at times, wit, in such stark contrast to the drivel of the anti-SSM brigade.

    1. Midnighter 5 Jun 2013, 11:48am

      Indeed :) I now see the anachronistic headgear must be a thinking cap of sorts. A shame they have fallen out of fashion amongst his more needy colleagues.

  2. Robert (Kettering) 5 Jun 2013, 12:03pm

    Another great, reasoned and perfectly sensible speech. I have every confidence now that this Bill will eventually be passed. Then, of course, the evil and wicked religious right will have to turn their attentions to something else:

    The re-introduction of slavery; the murder of Witches or removing the vote from women perhaps?! After all, they are all supported by the Bible they are so keen to quote.

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  4. At last, someone pointing out the benefits of equal marriage to children raised in gay households – however they were conceived.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Jun 2013, 1:41pm

    A wonderful, powerful speech. Well done, Lord Carlile and thank you.

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