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Israel: Police make arrests in connection with 2009 LGBT teen centre shooting

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Reader comments

  1. Captain Proton 6 Jun 2013, 6:42am

    and now it is time for the wonderful and efficient Israeli judicial system to kick into action.

    Unfortunately our (Israel) judicial system is anything but wonderful and efficient.

    The trial will likely take 5+ years, the shooter will get 8-12 years prison and the other two are likely to get anything from 4 years to probation and community service.

    and the two kids left in a wheelchair by the attack will get nothing.

    1. At least they’re Israelis so they’ll serve out their whole term. If they were Palestinians, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas would label them “political prisoners” and ensure that they were released after serving 3 years.

  2. Enrique Esteban 6 Jun 2013, 7:00am

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  3. So 5 years to start doing anything? I thought Israel was supposed to have one of the best security systems in the world but not obviously to assist GLTBI citizens?

    1. Stupid comment. When a murder investigation charges people after five years, it’s normally a sign that of a difficult crime and determined investigation – a good thing.

      In this case it seems that the police originally investigated this as a hate crime but the current person they charged is believed to have acted out of a personal grudge and his friends helped him cover up the crime.

  4. Are the suspects religious?

    I bet they are orthodox like that hateful bigot Jonathan Sacks

    1. that’s the thing …it turns out that they’re NOT orthodox but. that they’re actually GAY. Maybe it’s about time that us gays begin looking at violence within our own community instead of blaming everyone else for our problems

    2. You and all of Pinknews should apologize to the religious community for falsely blaming them for the attack, now that the hate crime was ruled out.
      The comments on the original news of the attack prove Pinknews commenters as just as bigoted against Israelis as homophobes are against them.

  5. This appears to have been a criminal act and not a hate crime. An attempt to assassinate someone went wrong when the hitman apparently fired indiscriminately.

    It’s a shame many in the gay community outside of Israel used this incident as a way to bash Israel and Israelis – believing this to be a hate crime.

    Hopefully many on here will have learned a lesson from this – not to jump to conclusions.

    This also demonstrates that 4 years on, the Police were still working to bring the perpetrators to justice. Another sign that the Israeli justice system does not give up whether the victims are gay or straight or whether the perpetrators are Jewish or non-Jewish.

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