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Birmingham: Journalist asks Pride revellers to ‘lisp’ and ‘mince’ on camera

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Reader comments

  1. Twat! That is all!

  2. That There Other David 5 Jun 2013, 12:59pm

    And yet there are still people in our government who would deny LGBT people face any prejudice at all..

    I would have punched him square on the nose myself.

  3. He claims to have cut his teeth in the 1970s… shame he hasn’t moved on since then

    Even more of a shame that his editor found this tripe worthy of publishing. Well, if the pink pound is indeed that mighty, lets hope no more go to the Birmingham Mail

    1. would those be his milk teeth?

  4. What a kn@b!

  5. My head hurts.

  6. Oh dear me, it seems like this guy has done for the gay community what Julie Burchill did for us trans!

  7. Midnighter 5 Jun 2013, 1:08pm

    This does for humour what embarrassing dads achieve for dancing.

    I suspect his paranoia over being professionally blackballed is rooted in his editors awareness of his lack of anything relevant or interesting to say. He’s right to be worried for his job.

  8. If you want to read the original article it’s here:

    There is also another feature in the Birmingham Mail in reaction to Mike Lockley’s column:

    1. Having read the original article, I wouldn’t call it homophobic as much as I would misguided. Lockley is obviously an old-school print journalist and they, like sexist, working-class comedians, are locked in a 70s time-warp. The Mail’s readers are probably not the 40% under 25, but the 30% over 60 and Lockley no doubt panders to his readers. Yes, he used every sad stereotype in the book, but just because he’s not PC and right-on, doesn’t make him homophobic. All the quotes (apart from the find one that doesn’t really make sense and probably you had to be there to get the joke) were really positive and were used effectively to contrast his curmudgeonly take on things. It certainly wasn’t anti-gay by any means.

      1. Good analysis KyleF! The Mail is read by comparatively few people these days, even in Brum, and they tend to be those who have read it for 20 years or more!
        A young man’s paper it is not!

  9. TeenageWhore 5 Jun 2013, 1:13pm

    i think this is quite amusing. he’d make a great viz character.

    1. Liz Church 7 Jun 2013, 7:27pm

      Try Roger Mellie, the man on telly.

  10. From the original article:
    “I paused my ballpoint and asked: “Would you mind awfully facing our video camera and lisping ‘I’m free’ while flicking your wrist?

    “Then if you could mince out of….”

    “That,” hissed the reveller, “is exactly the outdated and offensive image of gay men we are attempting to break free from.”

    “Fair enough,” I nodded. “How about a petulant ‘Shut that door’?””

    How would it have gone down if it were changed a little:

    I paused my ballpoint and asked: “Would you mind awfully facing our video camera and making some gang signs?”

    “Then if you could crump out of….”

    “That,” hissed the reveller, “is exactly the outdated and offensive image of gay men we are attempting to break free from.”

    “Fair enough,” I nodded. “How about a petulant ‘word up my niggas’?”

    Not a single right minded person would accept racism published in the same way. I suggest we hold this idiot to the same standard re: homophobia

  11. GulliverUK 5 Jun 2013, 1:17pm

    There a certain amount of dry humor and tongue-in-cheek rhetoric there. He’s hardly Linda Harvey, and he said he had a great day – Harvey would have said she was horrified and deeply offended, felt panic attacks coming on, fears for the children, and expected the Lord to strike down everybody dead.

    ps. I read the original piece, if you didn’t at least do that it’s important to. We must always be fair.

  12. The Birmingham Evening Mail is where all journalistic minds go to die. I still can’t believe that a city of the size and diversity of Birmingham is ‘served’ primarily by this stuffy and unpleasant 1940s-style rag. Dreadful. It surprises me not that the columnist in question resembles an over-the-hill-and-slumped-in-the-valley alcoholic.

  13. what fun!
    The article was funny, there was no homophobia within in, just a middle aged man out of his depth and trying to understand our community. Yes some of the stuff he said was sad, but he was poking fun at himself and not us!
    Pride of Lions! what tosh!

  14. Why is it offensive for a presumably straight man to ask gay men to act out gay stereotypes? Gay men ask other gay men to do it all the time. I am referring to the latest “show” by the London Gay Men’s Chorus

    1. Sam Maloney 5 Jun 2013, 9:25pm

      For the same reason Blacks can call each other ‘niggas’ but it’s offensive coming from a white person: when the oppressor does it, it’s demeaning. When we do it ourselves, it takes the power out of the words.

  15. LadyViolette 5 Jun 2013, 2:04pm

    Really? Grow up.
    Your editor asks you to cover something, you do it – properly!

  16. This pathetic loser is just aiming for a little publicity. Best to ignore him.

  17. To this “journalist’s” dismay, people just don’t find homophobia as funny as they used to and it doesn’t sell as well as it once did. Too bad his editor seems to be blissfully unaware of these facts.

  18. The homo hysterics love camp.

  19. He has a promising journalistic career behind him

  20. he should be sued for homophobia got to court and as well get sacked degusting

  21. To be fair he’s right about the music.

  22. Dear Mike Lockley, would you be a dear and drag your knuckles as you walk like a gorilla and beat your chest for our Pink News camera’s.

  23. The man is a realist , not a so-called ‘homophobe’ (whatever that means).The ‘pride’ march is the homo lobby’s Nuremberg rally , with their rainbow swastika flags and absurd prancing and narcissistic posing – ‘look at me, I’ve labeled myself ‘gay” .Not to mention the gross indecency that goes on and is given the blind eye by the police because of the self-defined ‘victim status ‘ – anybody else doing this would be arrested for indecency.He has lifted the veil on the bizarre and revealed the banality .How much public money has got to be paid for allowing over weight lesbians banging their Sturmabteilung drums and blowing their whistles ?

    1. Nurse, he’s out of bed again!

    2. *Yawn* Go take your meds, there’s a good boy.

  24. Serious question: when are we going to start complaining to websites such as whose “5 gay friendly places to stay” includes stereotypical tosh such as this:

    “The hotel remains a favourite with guests such as Kylie, Beyonce, Simon Cowell and George Michael.”

    And think about that title… It’s against the law to discriminate, yet the implication is that there are “non-gay friendly” places. Basically it plays on fear of not being welcomed to promote favoured hotels which may be paying for the priviledge.

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