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US: Gay rights march in Salt Lake City joined by 400 Mormons

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 4 Jun 2013, 9:37pm

    Its lovely PR for the LDS. In reality, claiming they support the LGBT community while demanding we deny our natures seems totally hypocritical to me.

    So we’re good enough to join their cult if we don’t do anything icky and gay. Big deal.

    1. A fairly balanced comment, Midnighter, as opposed to the usual screeches of ‘bigot’ and ‘homophobe.’ Congrats, you win a cookie.

      1. Midnighter 5 Jun 2013, 10:15am

        Hah! That gave me a laugh. I’ll try harder not to screech in future :P

    2. Exactly. Their newest shtick is that they’re now OK with gay people, or as they call them “people ‘struggling’ with same-sex attractions” as long as they deny their natures and live a celibate or heterosexual life. They’re like psychic vampires-sucking the life out of gay people. Truly disgusting.

    3. Actually, here in Utah, local Mormon culture is heavily split on this. The Mormons who marched are widely condemned by more conservative Mormons. The Mormons who marched were members of independent groups like Mormons Building Bridges and Mormons For Equality, which are often at odds with the church’s leadership on these issues. So the increasing number of Mormon marchers in each year’s Utah Pride is big news here in Utah – a blossoming grassroots gay rights movement coming from within Mormon society. Compare the policies of the Roman Catholic Church with the millions of socially progressive Catholic adherents who are constantly at odds with the Vatican.

  2. Meanwhile… the Mormon ‘Church’ itself was only last month a major sponsor of the ‘World Congress of Families’ in Australia. This hateful organisation, very thinly veiled as ‘Pro-Family’, is made up of the most homophobic institutions on the planet. Their only real mission is to prevent LGBT equality globally.

    Recent developments in the US will undoubtedly show the Mormons in their true spirit. Maine supreme court has just ruled that the National Organisation for Marriage (Another hateful Homophobic organisation) must hand over its donor list. We’re about to find out exactly how much money this hateful cult has been funnelling into the fight against our equality.

  3. Utah Pride is the second largest annual parade of any kind in Utah (after the Days of ’47 Parade). Salt Lake City is one of the most left-leaning cities in the country, rivaling San Francisco or Washington D.C. (though located in one of the most right-learning U.S. states), and it has an enormous openly gay community.

    The gay community here in Utah was more than happy to see these groups of Mormons individuals march in support of LGBT people. It’s really very important to heal the rifts in the community so we can live in friendship and mutual respect. Utah has enough bitter Lebanon-style ethnocultural polarization as it is, and it’s important that we come to love and accept one another, rather than hoping for one another’s demise. Every little bit helps. Thank you, Mormons Building Bridges. Thank you, Mormons For Equality.

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