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Lord Hylton: Gay people have stolen the word ‘gay’ and it no longer has a ‘delightful meaning’

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Reader comments

  1. Ignorant people have abused the word “gay” and it no longer has a delightful meaning.

  2. It’s a myth anyway that the word “gay” ever had this simple positive meaning claimed for it. Chaucer used it (600 years ago!) to mean “wanted, lewd, lascivious”. It also had the meaning “promiscuous, frivolous, hedonistic” for at least 400 years – in Victorian times, “gay house” meant brothel and “gay woman” meant prostitute. So the noble Lord is not only ignorant as to how the word acquired its current meaning, he’s ignorant as to its original meaning also.

    1. Yes, throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s “gay” was part of the vernacular style of that time and was popularly used to describe things that were bright, attractive, colourful, fun and exciting even. but “gay” had already fallen out of common use in that sense before the gay liberation movement started, it had already become an old fashioned term used only by the likes of once gay debutante’s like Barbara Cartland and her male counterparts.

  3. ” There is ample evidence that public opinion, including medical opinion, is against the bill. I therefore support my noble friend Lord Dear and will vote for his amendment. I commend his courage and thoroughness.”

    Did I miss this medical opinion and evidence?

    1. That There Other David 4 Jun 2013, 1:41pm

      That to me says the C4M have got to him, nothing more. It’s exactly the sort of language that they like to spin their lies with.

      Of course, he’s obviously susceptible to their arguments to begin with, so doesn’t really deserve much in the way of sympathy for being caught regurgitating their propaganda.

  4. As far as I am concerned, Gay does mean something rather delightful.

    Did bigot mean anything else or is that still the same meaning that can be applied to Lord Hylton.

    1. What a meaningless comment from this old fool, the English language is a living language and regularly changes what things mean or you end up with double meaning.

      How does he think the good old fashioned double entendre came from. One word, two possible meanings.

      And while were talking about theft, he needs to give santas beard back, he is giving it a bad name.

  5. That There Other David 4 Jun 2013, 1:16pm

    Wow. That truly was a bizarre addition to the debate wasn’t it? Another anti-equality peer who insists on speaking despite having nothing to actually say.

    1. ‘ peer who insists on speaking despite having nothing to actually say’

      And you were expecting???? It is entirely predictable.

      This may well be the straw that breaks the camels back and a push to democratise the House of Lords and bring some credibility and intelligence to this house of review..

  6. Why is this unelected neo-fascist extremist pig bastard allowed a vote on our riGHts.Abolish the House of Lords now

    1. That There Other David 4 Jun 2013, 1:19pm

      No point getting mad about it Steve. These people are showing us, and just as importantly the rest of the British public, who they really are.

      The lobbying has been done. Chill out and enjoy the show.

      1. Shocking though that he has a right to speak in this debate through being pushed out of a particular vagina 500 years ago. Abolish hereditary lords!

        1. That There Other David 4 Jun 2013, 1:38pm

          I’d go further than that TBH. We should be electing the Lords, maybe not the members directly, but most definitely deciding how many representing each party are present. Bishops and people only there because their ancestors owned lots of land are two groups that definitely need to go.

      2. PantoHorse 4 Jun 2013, 3:22pm

        Couldn’t agree more, TTOD. That’s one of the most positive things to come out of these ‘debates’ – a ridiculous, out of touch bunch of old fossils are demonstrating just what a ridiculous bunch of out of touch old fossils they are.

  7. Colin (London) 4 Jun 2013, 1:19pm

    Did he add anything to this debate…MMM to me a reason to have an elected HOL.. Get shot of the irrelevant man and what he stands for…Great Britain has moved on…Parliament do something quickly about his type and the religious bigots please so the electorate will have faith in you going forward.

  8. How is it all these privileged old gits – can talk such crap and be listened too – WTF has the meaning of the word GAY got to do with real equality for all consenting adult taxpayers in our so call democracy?

    these members of the HofL are rarely present unless it is to withhold the rights of people they have no connection with in their out of touch lofty positions – quite pathetic – speedy deaths to them all

  9. on the Other Hand 4 Jun 2013, 1:23pm

    I have much the same feelings about the word “christian”. I grew up with it referring to generally nice people with a strong sense of compassion. Of course those people are still there, but the word has been commandeered by people with extremely oppressive right wing views, so that now it has an aggressive political meaning that has spoilt its earlier association with good deeds and compassion.

  10. And lord had a meaning of noble and grand now it appears to mean unelected bigot with a big house !

    1. On the Other Hand 4 Jun 2013, 1:35pm

      Actually in medieval times those that became Lords were mainly just thugs and gangsters imposing their will through violence and theft.

      One or two of the modern Lords, despite the superficial politeness, still seem a bit thuggish.

  11. This is just embarrassing.
    It almost beggars belief that debate of this level is being conducted on a matter of national law making.

  12. Reminds me of the Fry and Laurie sketch…been a long time since I’ve heard this nonsense. I do enjoy the arguments of ‘unintended and unpredictable consequences’ though. It’s very convenient – ‘I object!’ – ‘Why?’ – ‘Well something I’m not sure of may happen’….’Ah, well then we’ll scrap it’! Looney Lords.

  13. If this person hadn’t been born into privilege, one wonders what he would have achieved. Given the content of this speech, I have my doubts that it would have been very important.

  14. soapbubblequeen 4 Jun 2013, 1:52pm

    Shut up Santa Claus! You are a bigot in need of a Gilette!

    Well said Jon R!

  15. Lord Hylton, I believe you have stolen the word TWAT

  16. When did Papa Smurf become such an edgit?
    Medical evidence against gay marriage ?!?!?!
    Is there some illness only married people get they’re not telling us about? I think we should be told…
    Answers on a postcard…

  17. Not only are his arguments pathetic, he genuinely seems confused too.

    When he said ‘Civil Marriage’ was he confusing it with Civil Partnerships, or does he not know that Civil Marriage has existed since the 19th century?

  18. Medical opinion? Having realised there is no logical reason to reject gay marriage it seems they have made up another completely fictional one. You couldnt write this stuff!
    Other countries around the world must be sceatching their heads as to why our laws are being debated by a group of unelected, out of touch, upper class fossils who havent left the safety of their private clubs since the butler took them out in their bathchair to watch the poor people fighting over food scraps sometime in the century before last. Its truly embarrassing.

  19. This is great! The more publicity the drivel spouted by these loons (swivelling eyes optional) gets, the better – I can’t think of anything that’d discredit them more effectively.

  20. CH Brighton 4 Jun 2013, 2:15pm

    Yet another religious bigot. What do these religions do to people’s humanity (and brains)? Is the man ignorant as to why this legislation has come before him? Does he realise that his political and religious outlook obliges gay men and gay women to always be second class citizens?

  21. Michaelandfred 4 Jun 2013, 2:28pm

    We’ve also “stolen” the word beard. That thing has to go gramps.

    1. It looks like someone coated Lord Hylton’s chin with hot wax just before he went down on Baroness Knight.

      1. LOL I laughed and threw up a little bit at the same time

  22. Michaelandfred 4 Jun 2013, 2:38pm

    You people are cracking me up, both these loony lords and their ramblings and all of your responses! What an hysterical way to start my day. I have to admit I far prefer your brand of conservative bigots. Ours are ignorant and hateful, yours are ignorant but sound like cartoon characters!

  23. onesecond 4 Jun 2013, 2:40pm

    As if the gays ever had a say in what the majority would call them! Dementia setting in?

  24. I feel the same way about the word “dinosaur”. Back when I was a kid it used to refer to a dynamic life form with the potential for evolution. Now it just means someone in the House of Lords who wiles away the hours frustrating whatever progressive legislation may come their way.

  25. Itchycoo Mark 4 Jun 2013, 2:51pm

    does the word GAY in this context come from the polari meaning Good As You?

  26. MerlynHerne 4 Jun 2013, 2:55pm

    And I thought some of the dinosaurs in the Congress over here were bad! You guys really have my sympathy since no one gets to elect these fools–or am I missing something. At any rate, keeping my fingers crossed they’ll pass the bill.

  27. Helge Vladimir Tiller 4 Jun 2013, 2:56pm

    WE have given the word “gay” a deeper “meaning”—All the years since WE started to fight for Our rights, this has been a counter rejection phenomenon ! The world did not realize that homosexuals could be happy. Therefore we went in demonstrations and pride parades to show spectators that we are happy. Often we exaggerated – and we still do-TO FIGHT BACK !: Doing what the public did not like, doing what society thought we did not possess ! An example : I’m a man and I’m effeminate. Therefore I behave three times more effeminate when I take part in a gay parade. I fight back, because people do not like my real nature ! The word GAY is OURS for ever ! LOVELY SISTERS AND BROTHERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD ! FOR EVER—

  28. So we should have stuck with dyke, queer, poufter? No thank you.

  29. Robert (Kettering) 4 Jun 2013, 3:24pm

    Yet another parasitic hereditary peer trying to tell me how to live my life. He’s unelected and out of touch. Time for an elected HoL and time to get rid of the hereditary peers from the democratic process.

  30. LORD Hylton is not worried about the meanings of the word “LORD”, however.

  31. john lyttle 4 Jun 2013, 4:13pm

    Christ,not that old line again…

  32. “…under the pretext of securing equality…”

    Ooh, yes, dear! It’s not really about equal marriage at all. It’s all part of our cunning plan to hijack all the words in the Oxford dictionary!

    What a fool!

  33. Give us back chick and pussy then

  34. Thank god this old generation is almost dead and gone….

  35. Oh, just f__king die already.

  36. Wait…didn’t the Vatican steal the word “marriage?” Because long before “the Church” existed, marriage was pretty much between whoever you wanted.

  37. Has Lord Hylton stolen Baroness Jill Knights merkin ?
    If not then what is that scruffy unpleasant looking thing hanging from his face?

  38. Time to put this old fart out to fodder

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