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Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker comes out during equal marriage debate

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Reader comments

  1. Here’s hoping her fellow Peers will let her marry her girl before Christmas!

    (if they want to and all that. no pressure!)

    1. That There Other David 4 Jun 2013, 1:21pm

      What do you mean, no pressure? I’ve already bought myself a new outfit!! ;-)

      1. Fingers crossed!

  2. Good for her.

    However she has no democratic mandate to be voting on LG rights.
    The House of Lordsis is unelected.

    It makes Britain a laughing stock for daring to preach about democracy to others.

    Abolish it now.

    1. on the Other Hand 4 Jun 2013, 1:45pm

      Thats a separate issue, and a different debate. Right now It’s important that she DOES vote.

    2. I’m pretty sure she’d agree with you, unless she’s abandoned Liberal Democrat policy on the issue (she wouldn’t be the first).

  3. I saw her speech yesterday.

    It was thoughtful, honest and heartfelt.

  4. Another lovely, heartfelt speech from the supporters.

    I notice the speeches of the opponents come from a position of fear, while those of the supporters make a stand for love. So it’s easy to see which side real Christians are on.

  5. I just got this off the Guardian.

    • Lords sources have said that the government is expected to win the vote on the gay marriage bill this afternoon. Peers will resume their debate after 3pm and the vote is due between 6pm and 7pm.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. barrybear1980 4 Jun 2013, 3:01pm

    What a brave lady (yes brave, it took courage to come out to her colleagues) and a great speech.

    Here is hoping that she and the rest of us who want to are able to marry soon.

  7. I don’t think I’ve realized until this moment how truly earth-altering this Same Sex Marriage Bill is!

    People like Liz Barker are giving it the great respect that it deserves.

    I hope many peers were moved by her declaration!

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