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Labour Lord Alli: ‘A stunning victory for equal marriage in the Lords’

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, Lord Alli and Lords Fowler and Jenkin and all the others whose efforts ensured this wonderful development!

  2. Never again must the unelected House of Lords be given such power to pervert democracy.

    It needs to be replaced with a democratically elected upper house immediately.

    Mr Alli is a decent man, but he (along with his bigot colleagues) has absolutely no mandate to be voting on legislation passed by the Commons.

    1. How can anyone mark down this comment, unless they are anti-democracy?

      1. Haha – very true.

        Even the Tory Party agrees (in principle) with Lords reform.

        I guess the UKIP and BNP supporters are voting it down.

  3. Don’t you just love this country. A bunch of unelected octagenarians vote 2 to 1 in favour of equal marriage proposed by a Tory prime minister and championed by a gay muslim. Put the champagne on ice…

    1. I don’t love the fact that a bunch of unelected octagenarians are allowed to decide the laws of this country.

      It’s an appalling situation and must be remedied.

      Britain should never lecture another country about democracy while this situation continues.

      1. Agreed Steve although I think Skeps remark was a bit tongue in cheek.

        Hope so anyway.

  4. For the record.
    I would vote for Mr Alli were he to run for democratic election to the reformed House of Lords.

  5. An ideal end the House of Lords would be for the Commons to vote to fully reform the House of Lords, for the Lords to reject the Bill, and for the Commons to use the Parliament Act to remove the unelected Lords.

  6. It is indeed a stunning victory and thank you, Waheed, for doing so much work behind the scenes to gain this victory!

    PLEASE keep working so that every registrar and every teacher must respect and accept same sex marriage, otherwise it won’t be worth having.

  7. Jacob Dugan-Brause 4 Jun 2013, 8:26pm

    First, thank you to Mr Ali.

    As you may know, the USA, because of its federal political system, has the electoral college, which are given the singular duty to elect the president of the United States using ‘first-past-the-post’ results from each state.

    It is a system set in democratic deficit, and it represents a cynical solution to representation across a federal system.

    Britain evolved as a kingdom. Like the US electoral college, the House of Lords is an artefact of the past.

    The Lords are undemocratic, but so is the Royal family. Perhaps abolition of the monarchy, and with it, the Lords, is a better way altogether.

    As to the American electors, let’s see what Americans do about that — and I think you’ll have your answer for Lords reform as well.

    1. While I support the abolition of the monarchy I think it would be too divisive to remove the monarch at the same time as the House of Lords.

      Reform of the Lords into a democratically elected house would be step 1.

      After that the Church of England should be disestablished as the official state religion.

      As for the monarchy – well that should first be massively downsized – not a single penny of taxpayers money should be spent on the likes of Prince Andrew or Prince Harry. They should get themselves a real job.

  8. Jacob Dugan-Brause 4 Jun 2013, 8:35pm

    My apologies for misspelling: it’s Alli, of course. And thank you, again!

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