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Faeces and threats sent to French mayor who officiated first same-sex wedding

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Reader comments

  1. To those who send feaces or threaten those who agree with same sex marriage

    Grow Up or shut up

    Helene Mandroux had the honour of officiating the 1st French same sex marriage and she recieved feaces, this is sickening

    1. It is a great shame for her staff to have to deal with this. It really is a form of terrorism and no different in it’s intention to sending any other dangerous item to someone in the post. The police should use all their resources to bring the perpetrators to court and make an example of them.

  2. Would you really expect anything better from some of the people who have been demonstrating and in some cases rioting in Paris? If people like that hate you, you must be doing something right.

  3. Robert (Kettering) 4 Jun 2013, 3:12pm

    A total disgrace and goes to show just how venomous the religious and fascist right wing are.

    You are a hero Ms Mandroux and we love and support you.

  4. Pity she can’t just wrap it back up again and label it “Return to sender”

  5. Homophobes have once again demonstrated how sick, disgraceful and disgusting they are.

    1. I find it hilarious when they think it’s the other way around.

  6. Mark Cross 4 Jun 2013, 4:25pm

    I hope a DNA analysis is performed on the feces, it may lead police right to the cowardly bigot, or to his/her dog at least. I highly doubt the sender(s) was stupid enough to include a return address on the package.

    1. That There Other David 4 Jun 2013, 4:57pm

      That would be very funny. “The suspect was identified by his poo m’lud” :-)

  7. Could someone please tell me why some of these people are obsessed with fornicating with faeces? Or did I misunderstand the message? Were they simply trying to deliver their collective ideas in one tactile package, hoping the world could better understand where they are coming from.

  8. The press and public will soon get bored of their antics and they will go away and find something else to hate.

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