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Bradley Manning trial opens with accusations of ‘systematically harvesting’ Wikileaks documents

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Reader comments

  1. I am starting to despise Assange. He has benefited from the image of Wikileaks while fighting hard to save his own narcissistic skin, all the time riding on Manning’s back. Now poor Bradley will go to prison while Julian will get to feed his ego further.

  2. A brave whistle-blower – who exposed governmental corruption and illegal military activity – spends 3 years in a military prison awaiting a trial that will more than likely put him away for the remainder of his life….

    meanwhile, hundreds and thousands of bankers who stole trillions of dollars from the American people are happily living their lives in their mansions with their big cars and their private islands… not ONE of those actual THIEVES has spent a second in jail, or even been approached by the authorities to be questioned about THEIR illegal activity.

    1. I agree. I just the media would stop calling him a “gay soldier”. If you’re going to mention personal information at all they should acknowledge Manning is probably trans, not gay.

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