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Yvette Cooper: The government needs to remember who the real opponents of equal marriage are

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Reader comments

  1. Godric Godricson 3 Jun 2013, 11:04am

    I don’t normally agree with Yvette although more recently she has begun to look like a credible leader of the Labour Party and good on equality matters. Don’t like her husband though……some dodgy decisions about social workers and baby P

  2. John Breeze 3 Jun 2013, 11:23am

    I’ve always admired Yvette Cooper along with Harriet Harman. I honestly don’t believe the previous Labour government gets enough credit for the legislations which have benefited the LGBTQ community.

  3. She should stop trying to score political points just now and instead get on with making sure that all the Labour peers vote the right way (by no means guaranteed).

    If they all do – THEN she can blast the Tories as much as she likes and I’ll cheer her on.

  4. Can we stop this “bill passed second reading on Labour votes” lie in its tracks please? The Bill passed by 400 to 175, with 217 Labour votes for and 22 against (still waiting for the Pink News articles about every Labour opponent…)

    If every Labour MP had abstained, the Bill would have passed by 183 to 153. Yes, it would have been closer, but it would have passed.

    Ditto third reading – passed by 366 to 161. If every Labour MP had abstained, it would have passed by 172 to 147.

    It’s great that a lot of Labour MPs supported this Bill in Parliament. But multiple Labour sources have started to claim that the Bill only passed Second and Third reading to Labour votes, and the maths just don’t add up.

    Perhaps Pink News should be a bit more journalistic and analyse MPs’ claims rather than just reprinting them?

    1. I think her point was that Labour defeated the wrecking amendment. Had the wrecking amendment passed, the whole thing would have gone down. Moreover, it is true that more Tories voted against equal marriage than voted for it.

  5. Too right. If the law had been left in the hands of the Tories it would not have passed. More than half the Tories have opposed this law at every stretch. This is a law that Labour and Lib Dems have championed in the face of vicious Tory opposition

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jun 2013, 12:16pm

    What surprised me is that Ed Miliband never adopted Equal Marriage as official party policy. He was the last of the three party leaders to come out in support of the proposed legislation, although I concede without Labour and the Lib Dems, we wouldn’t be having the second reading in the Lords today.

    Yvette Cooper is a brilliant, strong politician. I see her as the next leader of the party and perhaps Prime Minister. What a coup that would be.

  7. Liam the God 3 Jun 2013, 2:16pm

    Meanwhile Legal Aid has been cut, the NHS is being sold off, and the deficit is rising, but forget all that; let’s make LOADS of noise about SSM and hope it masks the sound of the Welfare State being demolished around our ears!

    1. Ah yes, the old saw that gay rights really aren’t very important. After hunger is ended and cancer has been cured and war been abolished, then the time might be right to extend equality to gay people.

      1. Liam the God 4 Jun 2013, 5:38pm

        I don’t remember saying that, Jay. I will keep saying that SSM has been used as a smokescreen for the destruction of the NHS etc, and I will continue to get down-voted for it because there is a certain “Tunnel Vision” on both sides of the debate; they’re so fixated on SSM that everything else becomes secondary. You single-minded “Same Sex Marriage AT ANY COST!” people have just the same idiocy as the “STOP SSM AT ALL COSTS!” mob. By the time you have equal marriage there will be nothing left of the Welfare State to look after both of you when you get sick or old, but as long as you can get married who cares about illness and disease? You make me sick! Fvck the lot of you, I hope you have a long and happy marriage, and don’t whine when you can’t see your GP or find and A&E department because you’ve got what you wanted at any cost.

  8. And the electorate need to be reminded that Labor are bashing the poor via the welfare state just as much as the Tories

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