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Terrence Higgins Trust calls for male HPV vaccine after Michael Douglas’s cancer oral sex claims

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Reader comments

  1. All boys should be offered this vaccination at the same time as girls, as in Australia.

    The link between HPV and anal sex is well established, and it is unrealistic to think many teenage boys will be willing to out themselves to their doctors before becoming sexually active. The only way to be sure that all MSMs are protected is to give the vaccine to all teenage boys.

    The fact that there is increasing evidence that HPV causes mouth and throat cancer too, affecting heterosexual men as well, is just another reason to do what the government should do anyway – offer the vaccine to all.

    1. Sorry – “the link between HPV and anal cancer is well established”.

      Long day.

  2. Just a word of caution. There is no clinical evidence that either of the available vaccines actually work in adults. That is why only children are vaccinated. While it would be a great thing if adult men who have sex with men could get vaccinated, at this time an adult taking the vaccine might just be wasting money.

  3. fcatsandfigures 3 Jun 2013, 6:15pm

    May THT should link in with The Throat Cancer Foundation , refer BBC news item (

    A US study suggests “HPV jabs for boys ‘not cost-effective'”

  4. I understand that HPV infection can only lead to Oral and Throat cancers in the presence of a specific gene mutation-present in about 1 in 140 people.

    The number of gay men having oral sex is very substantial-so I would definitely welcome a vaccination programme.

    One simple injection could ensure you never come down with this horrible and life-threatening condition- no matter how many cocks you suck!!!

    1. 1 in 140 ia an awful lot of people, even if only 8 % of those are gay, there are also those who do not identify as bisexual or gay (MSM) who have sex with men and may also infect their girl friends or wives who either have not had the vaccine or it has not been effective for them, it is not 100%.
      There are also rectal and anal cancers and genital warts which can sometimes become cancerous, Gaurdasil vaccination in pre-teen years can prevent many of these, but will not work AFTER an HPV infection.

  5. I just spoke with my gynecologist today and we had an indepth discussion about HPV, I had a HPV cancer down below (which is now cured!) so was relavant, but she mentioned the issue of other HPV induced matters from genital warts to mouth cancer and anal and rectal cancer in both males and females, she said it was short sighted that only pre-teen females were being vaccinated with Guardasil and this was not being offered to boys given the number of bi-sexual and gay males (underestimated) and married men who have sex with men. I should say that she also does work in the sexual health clinic so I take what she says with some authority.
    She also mentioned that a number of her collegues who have teen and pre-teenage sons are ensuring that THEY are vaccinated with the full series of vaccine shots for HPV.
    She also mentioned Michael Douglas
    and I said I had read the article earlier.

  6. Offer me a dose of Guardasil and I’ll hold out my arm. The one year I missed flu vaccination was the year I got it, so I’m not tempting fate.

    It just strikes me as ridiculous that the vaccination is only available to teenage girls while teenage boys, who are more likely to spread the virus are ignored, whether we believe their stories or not.

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