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Over eight thousand LobbyALord messages sent to peers to support equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. LobbyALord is a damn fine site and whoever created it should be incredibly proud of themselves.

    1. Chris Ward 3 Jun 2013, 6:41pm

      Thanks. Means a lot. :)

  2. Thanks to those who set up the site, and to everyone who used it. It’s a pretty good haul of messages in the short period it’s been up.

    I’m sure that many of us will be disappointed that more messages were not sent.

    But it’s worth pointing out that it is not easy to write these letters. I did, but it can feel demeaning to have to supplicate for equality – for our equal human rights.

    This does not mean that those who didn’t write don’t care, or don’t want marriage. We know that the vast majority of us want marriage. But I can understand that for many of us, it’s just too upsetting to write to someone to ask that they treat you as a human being worth just as much as anyone else.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jun 2013, 7:02pm

      I second that. I managed to get 92 emails off to them, received some lovely responses of support too, some from conservatives.

      I was having problems yesterday and today sending any more. After reading this article, now I know why. Over 8,000 is a lot in such a short period of time.

      I’ve also tweeted Archbigot Welby, Sentamu and Hill telling them that the vile spuriously mendacious comments uttered by Lord Dear and others will result in a huge backlash against the Church and a surge in the number of supporters for disestablishment.

      For those of you with access to Twitter, here are three you can contact:

      @ABCJustin (that’s Welby)

      There’s a fourth, the Bishop of Worcester whose wife is suffering from an abdominal tumour. I refrained from sending him one in this sensitive time for him and his family, though I dare say none of them would consider us.

      For those so bold, his hashtag is @BishopWorcester

      1. Well, Rob S Ken, you’ve been banging on about the importance of lobbying the lords for some time now. :-)

        And before came along, you were telling us all to get out there lobbying and providing us with the means to do so.

        You didn’t just talk-the-talk, you walked-the-walk. I think of you as the John Wayne of this site – albeit not quite so bow-legged.

        And the fact that you’ve managed to lobby so many lords so quickly – and tweet them as well! – makes me respect you even more.

        Kudos, man, kudos.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jun 2013, 7:04pm

    What I advise everyone is to continue emailing the Lords up until the third reading. Don’t stop after the second reading has been done with and passed. The more they hear from us, the better the end result will be.

  4. Can someone post a sample letter that I can quickly copy, paste, and send? There’s no template on the website. I would like to send something but not sure what to write and am very busy at work.

    1. They will only take up to six exactly similar emails which it is why it is important to write your own message. It needn’t be long. More than six and they delete them.

      1. Thanks. Here’s what I did: I sent the message to everyone who had a direct email, plus six who were strongly opposed that only had HoL emails. I will continue tomorrow and so on, with the goal of contacting all, with hopefully no repeats. For now, I’m using the six HoLs a day only for those who are strongly opposed. This is my message (and I welcome feedback and constructive criticism):

        Thank you for your continued support. (*ONLY IF THEY HAVE DEMONSTRATED IT!*)

        One shouldn’t have to ask for equal rights, but sadly that is still the case. So we are asking, once again, for nothing more than fair and equal treatment, nothing more and certainly nothing less. No special rights, and no double standards.

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