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Canada: Coroner’s Office urges research on suicide in LGBT teens

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Reader comments

  1. “The father of an openly gay Ottawa teen who killed himself in 2001 after constant bullying by classmates says a new national anti-bullying strategy would have “absolutely” helped his son.

    Allan Hubley, an Ottawa city councillor whose son Jamie was 15 when he died of suicide, said the campaign might have changed how his son’s friends reacted to the bullying.

    “Jamie had a lot of friends throughout the years at different levels of school and if they had been trained on what to do in a case of bullying, I can’t help but think that things might have been different for us,” Hubley told CTV’s Power Play on Monday.” [Power Play is a one-hour national political affairs TV program broadcast weekdays.]

  2. Hue-Man: I believe 2013 and 2001 is a world of difference.
    Still there is more work to be done, but perhaps the focus should shift on families accepting their children.

  3. I know how this feels. I’ve been bullied my whole life for being myself and being different. In secondary school, it got worse because I found out who I was. I’ve tried committing suicide many times because of all this and other mental health problems. People just need to learn to accept others for who they are.

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