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Baroness Thornton: I am confident the equal marriage bill will be victorious in the Lords

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Reader comments

  1. The day Glenys Thornton decided to enter politics was a great moment for LGBT equality.

    We’re very lucky to have this eloquent, hard-working and determined woman on our side.

    1. Yes, I hope she’s right about the level of support for marriage equality in the House of Lords.

  2. I have been lobbying ladies and lords like crazy through the LobbyALord site and I have been really surprised and impressed by just how many peers are proactively supporting the Bill. Thanks to equality fans like Lady Thornton and others like (Baroness) Joyce Gould and (Lord) Alf Dubs, I am also confident that the bigots will be defeated.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jun 2013, 12:31pm

    Marvellous woman, a credit to the archaic feudal system in the Lords. We definitely need far more women in politics. They are the ‘doers’, better organized and motivated than most of the males are.

    I had the pleasure of contacting her several weeks ago and she responded with a lovely message wholeheartedly in support of Equal Marriage. I think she’s right, my instincts tell me this will pass into law. It’s going to be a duplication of the very heated vociferous debate we saw in the Commons. They’re uppity and having hissy fits because the know it’s going through. Why, even Welby has resigned himself to the fact of its inevitability despite that he protests far too much.

  4. Former chief constable Lord Dear – is this the same chap who featured in Panorama for his role in the original Hillsborough Disaster inquiry – for which the Government has since apologised? The 90+ victims of that disaster were blamed for their own deaths for 24 years.

  5. Oh my, that made me tear up a bit.
    Well put.

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