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FIFA President: Criminalising homosexuality is a ‘moral’ issue

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Reader comments

  1. Now is not the time to bring this up? Well, no, it probably isn’t. It’s something that should have been considered when the World Cup venue was being awarded. Still, what else would we expect from an institution as steeped in homophobia as football?

    1. “David Cameron has said that, by hosting the World Cup, Qatar may be inspired to improve LGBT rights. ”

      No, if it was a prerequisite to being host they may have. Now it is just a reward and an example to others. A bad example. Just what I expect from the backward world of football.

  2. Ant this is why i have no truck with football – there’s so much homophobia and so little real attempt to tackle it. Even the worst human rights abuses are brushed over

  3. Hmmm…. homosexuality is a matter of ‘morality and ethics’?

    As Blatter is head of an organisation that’s filled with people who take bribes to fix the locations of football tournaments, I’m not sure he’s the best person to approach for definitions of morality or ethical behaviour.

    FIFA is on more solid ground if you want to discuss criminal behaviour and avoiding investigation.

  4. such bull—-! as usual, it all comes down to money here.

  5. It’s aout time everybody realised that homophobia is EXACTLY the same as racism.

    1. Amen to that. Hate is hate.

    2. Fanny Schniffar 2 Jun 2013, 10:42pm

      No it really isn’t

      Racism is the giving of certain treatment to (or holding certain views on) someone because of the race they were born into (i.e. the colour of their skin.)
      And what you refer to as homophobia (even though homophobia itself surely means a fear of the same) concerns the giving of certain treatment to (or holding certain views of) someone because they practise homosexual sex or are in a homosexual relationship. These are both of course very clear choices.

      There would only be a direct similarity if people were treated (or viewed) differently because solely of the fact that they happened to be attracted to members of the same sex. Yet this doesn’t happen.

      I do of course believe gay-bashing to be pretty poor taste. But you absolutely CANNOT draw a parallel with racism.

      1. Errrr yes u can. Hate is hate. And hating someone because they are gay, black, female, Bulgarian, disabled is still hate, so yes u can draw similarities. And your vague attempt and the whole ‘choice’ thing is really pathetic.

        1. Fanny Schniffar 2 Jun 2013, 11:30pm

          Well Sammy, congratulations on missing the point! Hopefully if you re-read my post, you’ll get it, although I’m not holding out much hope….

      2. Yes you can. Hate is hate. Hating on someone because they are black, gay, Bulgarian , female, disabled its all hate for a completely irrational reason. By saying you CANNOT draw parallels ur basically saying hating someone because they are gay isn’t as bad as hating someone for being a certain race. Your right in one thing though. I don’t choose to be gay but yes I do choose to be in a meaningful loving relationship instead of a relationship made of lies and devoid of love.

        1. Fanny Schniffar 2 Jun 2013, 11:32pm

          I think someone needs to go back to primary school and learn the basics of punctuation and grammar. If English isn’t your first language, I apologise.

          If you edit your post so it’s in clear and correct English, I’ll bother replying to the ‘points’ you’ve made.

      3. bobbleobble 2 Jun 2013, 11:11pm

        You seriously believe that people aren’t treated differently simply because they are gay as opposed to having sex? Seriously!? What planet do you live on? What, you think gay bashers stop and ask someone whether they’re actually having sex before they start the beatings?

        And as for gay bashing being in poor taste – what the actual fcuk! Poor taste!!!! Find yourself some humanity and then come back and comment.

        1. Fanny Schniffar 2 Jun 2013, 11:25pm

          The only possible scenario for what you term ‘homophobia’ to be on a parallel with racism is if someone was mistreated purely because they, in their mind, were attracted to a member of the same sex. And on the basis that the only one with knowledge of the contents of someone’s mind is themself, such a scenario doesn’t happen.

          Gay bashing often happens because someone CHOOSES to kiss or hold hands with their partner in public. I of course believe it to be wrong to judge someone because of this, however it is absolutely not on a par with racism.

          I’ll tell what is a comparison to what you call ‘homophobia.’ It involves the hair weaves that a lot of black women of African descent wear. Wearing such a weave is a choice they’ve made that’s linked to their racial background. So, if someone was mistreated because of wearing a weave, I’d consider that synonymous with the mistreating of a gay man because he’d had sex with his boyfriend.

          1. Even if the arguments you were making about there being a difference between homophobia and racism were true – which I don’t think they are – I seriously doubt if these distinctions matter much to the victims of these abuses.

            My boyfriend is black and gay, and I can assure you he is just as hurt by homophobic abuse as he is by racist comments or assaults.

            Regardless of whether he’s denigrated on the basis of his skin colour or for having the temerity to want to hold my hand in public; the end result is the same. No human being deserves that.

          2. Dear Fanny, having read all your comments on this thread, can i humbly suggest you stick your head down a toilet, dont forget to add the domestos, and flush.
            No offence intended.

          3. bobbleobble 3 Jun 2013, 12:13am

            Homophobia is about the poor treatment of someone because they are gay not because they’re having sex with someone of the same gender. Parents who throw their kids out due to their sexuality don’t stop to ask if their child is having sex yet.

            It’s on a par with racism because it is an act of hatred aimed at somebody different. It doesn’t matter whether that characteristic is obvious at first glance or not. But to suggest that it’s all linked to whether or not a gay person is actually having sex is patent nonsense.

            Oh and suggesting that we bring it on ourselves for having the audacity to show affection in public or you know be open about ourselves like every heterosexual can take for granted, well I see you haven’t bothered with that humanity yet. Give it a go.

      4. Ok, I’ll bite. I can’t decide whether you’re a troll or just breathtakingly ignorant, but for now I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

        Firstly, if you look up homophobia you will find that it is defined as fear or hatred of homosexuals.

        “Very clear choices”? This smacks of the myth, mostly found in religion-addled brains, of the “lifestyle choice” of gay people, by which we supposedly become the authors of our own misfortune. In fact, the biggest authors of our misfortune are bigoted straight people – such as you seem to be.

        You honestly believe that people are not treated worse because of their orientation? I suppose there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see

        Gay bashing is in “poor taste” – surely that’s trolling. Bad taste is leaving a dildo on the coffee table, gay bashing is a violent hate crime. Absolutely there is a parallel, even if your prejudice won’t let you see it.

        Alternatively, and more realistically, you’re a troll, in which case grow up.

        1. If its a troll, then best not feed it, folks. They thrive on causing chaos on forums. Let it stew in its own bigoted, ignorant homophobic juices. Ignore it.

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 2 Jun 2013, 7:07pm

    Someone should ask why FIFA differ from the UN who have made it quite clear that LGBT rights are human rights as reported here in Pink News:

    …..and here on this UN video released at the same time:

  7. That There Other David 2 Jun 2013, 7:10pm

    What else is he going to say? They’ve just paid all his friends a bucketload of cash each.

    All in an ethical and moral way, of course. Sepp Blatter is famous for his ethical and moral ways…..

  8. and THIS is why homophobia in football is still a big issue.

    What a berk.

  9. He’s a dick – always last to the table with denouncing hatred. Arrogant tosser like him shouldn’t be leading an organisation the size of this and with so much influence. Sack him – get in a person who’s more familiar with modern = equal ideals! Prat!

  10. He should have been sacked (or at least forced into resignation) a long time anyway. The professional football industry is the gutter.

  11. Blatta is Latin for cockroach

    1. I can think of a few four letter words that I would have reached for before cockroach…

  12. Kelvin Beer-Jones 2 Jun 2013, 8:35pm

    I worked in Qatar for many years – and I had a regular Qatari boyfriend there. Qatari’s are not as bad as you might think!

    1. Other than the fact that you could 5 years in prison for being gay in qatar. Sounds fecking great.

    2. ‘…regular Qatari boyfriend…’


      1. well, I guess it’s compared to his irregular Quatari boyfriend… I hear they have trouble finding plentiful fibre-rich foods out that way.

    3. Well, how very colonial of you to have “a regular Qatari boyfriend” while there.

  13. Vile corrupt man.

  14. so in the end it comes down to money vs human rights and as usual money wins

  15. It’s time for this idiot to go! How can someone in his position be so f’ing ignorant in 2013?

  16. GingerlyColors 2 Jun 2013, 10:53pm

    How come that Qatar managed to get the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the first place? What sort of facilities they have in place? I bet there have been a few shennanigans here.
    Ironically the last time a country where homosexuality was criminalized hosted the World Cup was back in 1966 when England hosted the tournament a year before the Sexual Offences Act decriminalized it.
    FIFA needs to reconsider it’s decision, otherwise I will be happy to see games being played in empty stadiums.

  17. He is right about one thing – this is a moral issue.

    The morals and ethics of FIFA!!

    Many sports and events have used their clout and influence to put pressure on governments in the interest of human rights. I think cricket and the Commonwealth games came out against the apartheid regime in S. Africa (which probably seemed like morally and ethically sound concept to the SA government at the time), and I think there was something about the F1 team going to Bahrain fairly recently.

    If sport is really about inclusion and not division, then FIFA should be taking a lead on issues like this. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a boycott of countries, as these events can be an opportunity to open up a dialogue on these subjects. However, given Blatter’s clear lack of regard towards this issue, I doubt if that will ever happen while he remains as FIFA’s homophobe in-charge.

  18. The combination of Qatar and Sochi should be called the Gay-Haters Games Cup! LGBT athletes and spectators are required to rent porta-closets on arrival. Remind me again how Gay Inc. has become all-powerful and invincible.

  19. Sepp Blatter is a fool!

  20. You can just see the thought bubble emerging from his stupid head:

    “I don’t know what these people [p**fs/shirtlifters/-insert any mindless insulting term you want] are all thinking – football’s is not a game for them [it’s for real mean] so what are all they getting so worked up about?”

    His lack of imagination is astonishing – but then his mind is really only focussed on all those fat brown envelopes.

  21. If a a man wants to stick his cock into another man’s ass, or suck his dick that is a matter or choice. It is abominable! That is different from hating someone because they are short, or of a different colour; and on homophobia, a phobia is a fear of or a dislike. Most people don’t fear homos but just dislike their nasty life style. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. Yawn , next troll

  22. tim Jones 3 Jun 2013, 6:13pm

    … on the logistics of Qatar …

    Surely you mean logic. Logistics is the science and practice of material movement within an organisation, or the transportation and maintenance of supplies to military forces in the field.

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