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Grindr comes Out4Marriage and urges a million users to LobbyALord for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I told my MP but he said .I am a supporter of equality, and I have long been a strong advocate of civil partnerships. I have in fact had the pleasure of attending a number of these ceremonies in recent years. However, I also believe that it is important to protect religious freedom, and the right of churches not to conduct same-sex marriages if they do not wish to do so. When the Same Sex Marriage Bill was first put to the vote in the House of Commons, I had concerns that it did not provide enough protections for those churches who do not wish to conduct marriages between gay couples, and consequently I voted against the Bill.
    It was my hope that as the Bill progressed through Parliament, that the Government would be able to provide further assurances about protections for churches and other religious institutions. Sadly, having studied the amendments carefully, and listening carefully to all sides , I concluded that such assurances where not given I therefore voted against the Bill.

    1. Midnighter 1 Jun 2013, 7:26pm

      What a disingenuous cop out. A “decision” factually unsupportable in its justification and a very obvious smokescreen for the usual “I’m not a bigot but …” crock. Pathetic.

      Yet again – religion as the enemy of democracy.

    2. What about the “religious freedom” of those religious groupings that want to officiate at same sex weddings?

  2. Because I’m sure the users of Grindr are looking for marriage

    1. No kidding.

    2. Whether they’re looking for it or not, they may still be able to recognise the desirability of same-sex marriage as a legal concept.

      1. Legal concept? I thought marriage was about love and commitment.

        1. As many gay couples up till now have amply proved, love and commitment in themselves do not require a certificate. Official recognition as next-of-kin, however, is a legal matter, is it not?

  3. This is the first decent thing I have seen Grindr do apart from promote sex and quick hook ups. This is a very good thing!!

  4. Grindr trying to whitewash its seedy image ? good luck with that ! Grindr is NOTHING but a hook up site. And it serves a purpose. Don’t try to present yourself as a respectable community institution, it’s rather insulting. Just because it’s founder has an ego bigger than the Great Barrier Reef, we shouldn’t fall for that cheap PR stunt aiming at giving it a varnish of respectability.

    1. One of the sloppiest, most offensively woolly, usages that are bandied about today is the word “community”. What exactly is a “community institution”? Rather than denigrating, perhaps you could lend your support to a cause that, whatever the motivators of its supporters, is worthwhile? It might help if you enumerated the actions you’ve taken to further the cause of equal marriage: how many members of the House of Lords, for example, have you lobbied yourself?

  5. Yet another advertorial for Grindr courtsey of Pinknews… the bastion of integrity and quality journalism… not!

  6. I’m not a fan of Grindr, find it destructive to gay people and the community but at least some good is coming out of it.

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