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Video: Lords Shadow Equalities Minister Baroness Thornton comes Out4Marriage

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Reader comments

  1. What a contrast between Baroness Thornton and warsi.

  2. PeterinSydney 1 Jun 2013, 5:57am

    Well done Madam. You have done well.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jun 2013, 11:48am

    Brilliant, thank you Baroness Thornton, someone who really gets it.

  4. colin (london ) 1 Jun 2013, 1:51pm

    You know and just mabe an argument to keep the Hol as long as they are not party affiliated. mmm? Thank you Baroness Thornton.

  5. Took her long enough … she should have been the first labour MP to do so.

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