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US: Bakery which refused service to lesbian brides caught offering divorce celebration cake

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Reader comments

  1. People claiming “Christian beliefs” being hypocrites? Never!

  2. Love the a “solstice party with a pentagram cake”.

    They have just proven to the world their bigotry and hatred towards those poor women. They deserve to go out of business.

  3. The thing I don’t believe is that the bakeries never realized they were being taken for a ride.
    Seriously? They are going to court over their rejection of gay people, and suddenly get called to make a bunch of other ‘religiously questionable’ decisions, and they never rubbed their brain cells together?

    1. I think brain cells are the things that are sadly lacking in these people

    2. to “rub brain cells together” requires that there be more than one brain cell to do the rubbing.

  4. Midnighter 31 May 2013, 5:17pm

    They couldn’t believe someone would “entrap a business” LMAO Oh noes, someone dared to produce some facts about your “principles” and have exposed your hypocrisy! How very inconvenient facts are, eh?

    If we (falsely) stipulate that Christian principles give you the right to refuse service, you are still going to struggle to define what core common Christian principles for behaviour actually are, given the way different denominations and individuals pick and choose.

    The best a court can say here (not that it needs to) is that they don’t appear to hold particularly orthodox beliefs, which weakens their overall argument about the strength of their Christian faith.

    1. And aren’t they tacitly admitting doing something illegal, if they’re claiming entrapment? After all, you can hardly be ‘trapped’ doing something lawful, can you?

      1. Midnighter 31 May 2013, 5:58pm

        Hehe quite. Still with “principles” like theirs I expect they’re now doing a roaring trade in “special” cakes for delivery to the nearest prison.

  5. David Jordan 31 May 2013, 6:18pm

    You would think they’d catch on after getting a large number of oddly specific orders wouldn’t you.
    I guess Christians fundamentalists aren’t that smart.
    On a side, did they ask the for the stem cell cake to be made of tofu, so it tastes like what ever you place it next to?

  6. Principals? It does not sound like this moron has any! Sounds more like homophobia to me.

  7. Bigots and selective hypocrites who make it so blindingly obvious are probably relatively harmless. If they had the intellectual capacity of the marzipan bunnies they use they might be a bit of a threat.

  8. This kind of expose by the media shows the hypocrisy and downright homophobia of these so-called ‘Christian values’ people.

  9. friday jones 1 Jun 2013, 12:11am

    Wouldn’t the Solstice Party cake have to be without frosting, or, as they say, “skyclad?”

  10. I look forward to how Lars Larson expects to be able to spin this on his show.
    I’m guessing he’ll push the entrapment angle to the max whilst glossing over the small details like worshiping false idols, divorce and stem cell research.
    Whilst the non-kosher thing is amusing to anyone who has read Leviticus I doubt most Christians would loose sleep over it.
    I’d like a wedding cake with a diecast model of a cherrypicker on top!

  11. Its not entrapment … entrapment is where you try to get someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do – e.g leave a laptop on a car seat is not entrapment … poking and prodding someone and telling them about the laptop on the car seat and encouraging them to steal it is entrapment.

    From what I can tell these were just requests there was no telling them that they had to do it.

  12. Christopher in Canada 1 Jun 2013, 9:36pm

    What will these cherry-pickers do when they realize they have elastic in their cotton underwear?

    1. Same thing they do when they get a tattoo or shave their beard… file it under “Cognative Dissonance” at the back of their mind and try to ignore it.
      I often hear the argument from so-called fundamentalists that they can selectively interpret Leviticus because mixed fibres/ tattoo injunctions/ shaving and shellfish are Mosaic Law…
      – You mean Mosaic as in “relevant to Moses but hopelessly archaic in these more enlightened times”?
      – No, we mean “mosaic” as in “a kind of collage you get by cut-and-pasting bible verses in neat little squares, arranging them into a pattern that fits our preconceived ideas, then setting them in concrete”.

  13. It’s just terrible how people cherry-pick biblical verses to freely showcase their homophobia.

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