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Tory Minister Helen Grant: Equality will not diminish my marriage, it strengthens the institution

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  1. Easy to say when either you or your partner already have FULL EQUAL marriage, and one will get a FULL survivors pension benefit.

    Gay couples will only get a fraction of that when their partner died. And to anyone who doesn’t think it matters … everybody dies eventually, and everybody who is gay and married or in a Civil Partnership will be screwed over by unequal survivor pensions.

    The cost to put it right is a measly £18m to pension funds, which control over £360bn in assets.

    I’ll just call it marriage, not equal marriage thanks.

    1. … and yes I did write to Maria Miller – which gave an auto-reply saying they couldn’t discuss non-constituency matters, and so I forwarded to her department — and I have received NO reply, not even an acknowledgement. It’s like they don’t care, they can’t justify it to me, or they are avoiding any response – which is very unacceptable. PN have my email address, so if Helen Grant wants it she can follow that up, find out why I didn’t even get a reply. The courts have already agreed it’s unfair, in the Walker case, and the government have said they will fight that ruling – which is appalling. All this incredible and excellent work done to get this far, but then to scupper the whole concept of equality for peanuts. They clearly don’t understand the very concept of equality.

      1. I have written to my MP highlighting this issue and how it will effect the Equal marriage bill to be presented to the Scottish Parliament in June, as pensions are a “reserved matter” and how it turns the Equal marriage bill in Scotland into an un-equal marriage bill inspite of the efforts of the Scottish Government to produce an Equal Marriage Bill.
        I have also written to the First Minister my constituency MSP and the Minister responsible for the measure Alex Neil, and My regional MSP’s.
        I have not had any replies as yet – will keep ya’all appraised.
        In the meantime you may be intrested in this:

      2. I think you are supposed to write to your own MP, and ask them to raise the issue with the minister. However, you say “and everybody who is gay and married or in a Civil Partnership will be screwed over by unequal survivor pensions”, and this just isn’t true. The inequality only affects people who have been paying into certain kinds of pension schemes since before 2005. Exaggerating the problem isn’t going to help your case.

        1. GulliverUK 31 May 2013, 2:19pm

          In the Walker case the difference was between 500 gbp pa to the 41, 000 tpa hey should have paid. It will make all the difference to people. A hugh number of gay people have pensions they started before 2005 and have been fightibg for equakity before some of you were swimming around iin your mummies tummy. Have some respect please. The very concept of equality is what we’ve been fighting for.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2013, 12:23pm

    I welcome Helen’s statement. I hope similar messages are presented before the Lords, doesn’t get any clearer than that, especially in regard to religious freedoms and the clarity with which this bill addresses it as well as dispelling the nonsense coming from the religious loons such as Lord Carey et al.

  3. She is insulting our intelligence by pretending that civil marriage has anything to do with religion.

    Does Ms Grant condemn the neo-fascist bigotry of the majority of Tory MPs who thinl we are 2nd class citizens?

    Is she still stealing from the taxpayer by claiming expenses on a 2nd home despitralreadu living in London

  4. The institution has been strengthened! Unless you’re trans of course.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 31 May 2013, 2:41pm

      Trans People are at the bottom of society. Discriminated everywhere, in my own Norway as well ! I do wish transgender persons could be equal in the whole world and have the very same rights as everybody else. If you discriminate trans people, you are not mature and lack a large portion of humanity. ( Gay in Norway )

  5. Same sex marriage proposal written by cis people for cis people. Trans people once again have been thrown to the lions.

  6. David Thorstad 31 May 2013, 3:06pm

    Since hetero marriage is a failing institution, it is noteworthy that conservative Helen Grant looks to gay marriage to help keep the institution off the ropes. In France, where the first gay state-blessed hookup was performed (a sappy show, I thought), large numbers, approaching a majority, of heterosexuals themselves are abandoning marriage, and some French commentators look to gay marriage to revivify the dying institution.
    All this conservative support for conventionality and state-approved copulation helps to explain why, in the United States, the main backers of gay marriage and its main spokesmen are from the corporate capitalist world (e.g., Blankfein). They were the main financial backers of the gay marriage effort in New York, for example.
    This story shows how shows how far gay liberation has sunk from the days when it (as well as the then radical feminist movement) critiqued marriage as a form of slavery and fought for radical social change for all.

    1. So don’t get married? Nothing compulsory about it. Just let LGBT have the choice like everyone else.

  7. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2013, 3:25pm

    Excellent article Ms Grant. I agree with mostly everything about this bill except the pension rights.

    However I say lets get this through and deal with the details afterwards. At the moment we have bigger fish to fry, like getting the Lords to respect the democratic vote.

    On another note I didn’t realise Ms Grant was MP for Maidstone…. what a massive difference from Anne Widdicombe.

  8. Well said Ms Grant and thank you.

    This is not yet a done deal and your comments are very welcome.

  9. Sorry but you would be misguided to believe a word that Helen Grant says – she has been caught out fiddling her expenses (claiming travel from a 2nd home she rarely occupies).
    Until she apologies and repays she is not worthy of my (or your) attention: even if she is making comments we agree with

  10. DAVID KNIGHT 1 Jun 2013, 3:52pm


  11. Not a UK citizen (yet), and can’t claim to know UK politics, but have to say that I agree with what was said in this article. As a gay US citizen who plans to eventually make my home in the UK, I am thankful for this step and hope that the rest of the world will follow.

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