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Tom Hardy is favourite to play Elton John in biopic

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Reader comments

  1. WTF….Tom Hardy (sex on legs) playing that fat ugly old queen ……I wonder who’s deluded idea that was ?

    1. Does seem like wishful thinking on someone’s part.
      Let me guess, Jason Statham and Hugh Jackman weren’t available…

  2. I don’t like biopics, but sometimes gay-themed biopics break that mould, because you often get a stellar British lead actor (the Naked Civil Servant, Total Eclipse, Wilde, Gods & Monsters) and they don’t heavy-handedly cover the subject matter’s entire life from cradle to grave.

    Tom Hardy is merely British this sounds like another life story, so not so sure about this.

  3. Biggins not available ?

  4. He’ll have to hit the cream cakes to grow into the part.

  5. No offense to either Elton or Tom, but enough with the musician biopics, especially those who are still alive. Does anyone think that Elton John would allow an accurate story – warts an all? This would be nothing more than an exercise to sell more music from his back catalogue. Elton should spend time creating some new/interesting music. Something he hasn’t done for 30 years.

  6. He already has quite a lot of films in the pipeline, but, as comical as it might seem, I think Hardy could do it. Anybody who has seen Bronson has witnessed his awesome and dedicated acting chops.
    Btw, I believe that the story about him having a bisexual past was a misunderstood quote, said in jest to Attitude and then blown out of proportion by the Daily Mail et al.

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