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LobbyALord launched to help encourage peers to come Out4Marriage in equal marriage debate

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Reader comments

  1. Remember this does is not relevant in Scotland where we have a different bill being formulated . See

    1. Or in Northern Ireland

  2. Common sense 31 May 2013, 7:30am

    curriously, no matter how many times i click on the site or ask for a new lord, I always get the same one. is only one lord being lobbied?

    1. Me, too.

      Beter to go to the list of Lords and pick one (I wouldn’t waste time on the ones with Strongly Against records) and use their They Work for You link

    2. Seemed to be working fine for me this morning.

    3. Working fine, now. Yay!

      1. stopped working again I think, I’m getting lord campbell-savours every time I click on get another lord.

  3. A good way of shining a spotlight on otherwise anonymous unelected unanswerable parasites.

    Incredible that a 21st century European democracy can still be supporting this anachronism.

  4. Remember not to send the same message more than six times. Otherwise it will be deleted under the House of Lords’ ridiculous rules.

    1. I phoned the HoL up about this and they said you could send 6 identical emails per day via They also said that if there were identical emails then it didn’t matter where they came from they would be deleted ie don’t just copy a standard letter from somewhere, write a letter using your own words and title.

      SPUC also has a list of emails on their website

      they’ve split them into aplhabetical order

      1. Benjamin Cohen 31 May 2013, 12:48pm

        We use the emails we have for lords when we have them. If not then it uses the generic email

        1. cheers but the person above seems to be having the same problem as me, I’m always getting the same lord to email , campbell savours

  5. It worked for me and moved on from lord to lord but the drawback is that if you write a careful letter it won’t let you send the same one to more than six lords – making it rather labour-intensive to rework your letter.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2013, 12:31pm

    A bit late in the game. Out4Marriage should have had this setup immediately after the second reading and vote just like the opposition groups did. Badly organized yet again.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2013, 12:33pm

    Out4Marriage should have also had an online petition in addition to the new website to lobby the Lords, again immediately after the second reading.

    1. Benjamin Cohen 31 May 2013, 12:50pm

      Why? Unlike the opposition, we don’t have tens of thousands of pounds of funding from churches and Christian charities. Instead it’s a load of volunteers who have put their time into building something. When you can be bothered to spend your free time doing the same then I think you can criticise what others do with their free time

      1. While I’m not disagreeing with your general point about people who criticise without doing anything themselves, Mr Cohen, in fairness it has to be pointed out that Robert in S Kensington has been posting an URL through which you can lobby a Lord for the last couple of weeks.

        Thanks to that, I have lobbied a number of Lords (although none of them have responded, thus far).

        Irrespective of how he makes his comments on this, Robert’s been ahead of the curve in encouraging Pink News readers to get involved when it comes to lobbying the Lords.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2013, 4:28pm

          Thank you, dazzer. I’ve been posting that link a lot longer than two weeks in fact. I’d already contacted 12 Lords prior to that and am in the middle of contacting every one who is ‘moderately for’, ‘moderately against’ or whose record is ‘unknown’. I’ve already finished contacting those whose surnames begin with A & B and am now on the C’s. I will continue until everyone has been contacted, come what may.

          I also contacted the Out4Marriage campaign after the second reading and vote about a campaign aimed at the Lords but nobody responded. Ditto StonewallUK.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2013, 4:36pm

        I think my comments below respond to your last sentence. I’ve been pro-actively getting in touch with MPs and the Lords since the second reading and have been successful encouraging family and heterosexual friends who’ve been very supportive in doing their part. I could have not bothered but I cared too much about the issue consume all of my ‘free’ time to encourage others do the same. It’s all I’ve been doing in every free moment I have sometimes staying up late into the night. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since the second reading and look forward to the day I do after the bill has passed hopefully into law.

      3. Ben, you wrote: “When you can be bothered to spend your free time doing the same then I think you can criticise what others do with their free time”.

        Please know that “Robert in S. Kensington” has been working furiously in support of the SSM for MONTHS! He’s been doing much more than just nattering away on PN: he’s actually been corresponding with a whole host of MPs and others. Furthermore I happen to know that for the last few weeks, and at this time, he is not even in “S. Kensington”, and not even in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped him continuing to lobby with regard to this issue on a daily basis, as others have also been doing.

        I agree with him that we gays and lesbians have not been as greatly organized in the campaign as we could have been. YOU, personally, have been doing a lot, by way of PN, but what Robert and others have noted is that the vast majority of gays and lesbians have not been recruited to a strong campaign many many months ago.

        Let’s hope the Bill succeeds.

  8. on the other hand 31 May 2013, 12:51pm

    This is a great idea, and very easy to use. It prompted me to do it for the first time. I wrote a similar personal letter to 5 undecided lords. It’s a drop in the ocean I know, but every little helps.

  9. “Some people say that civil partnerships bring the same rights. But LGBT people, especially young people, need to know that they are worth just as much as everyone else, and that they have the same freedom as anyone else to make a family which will be treasured by society. When I came out aged 13 in 1989, I never dreamed that one day I would walk down the aisle in a white dress – to marry a woman! If I had known, perhaps I wouldn’t have attempted suicide a few weeks before my fourteenth birthday.

    “People who oppose this change say that letting same-sex couples marry will open the door to incest or polygamy. But this Bill is not about those issues, and if their best argument against polygamy is that same-sex couples can’t marry then I pity their spouses.

    “The real “harm” that the Bill’s opponents perceive is exactly the same as its benefit: this Bill will, in time, cause society to value gay people and their relationships exactly the same as straight ones…

    1. … That is why the Bill’s opponents are so implacable in their objections and why its supporters are so resolute in supporting it. Archbishop Sentamu said that the chief argument for this Bill is that “it meets an emotional need of some same-sex couples… [but] to use the law to redefine marriage when there is no legal inequity involved is a misuse of the statute.” But that is an obviously false distinction. The emotional hurt done to LGBT people arises from a legal inequity, and with this Bill it can be remedied, all in a way which harms no-one.

      “How often does the Parliament get to bring huge comfort and happiness to the lives of several million Britons, for a sum of money which would barely register in the government accounts? I urge you to vote for this Bill.”

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2013, 4:38pm

        Well said, atalanta.

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