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Baroness Warsi blasted by National Secular Society for failing to ‘steer’ equal marriage in Lords

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Reader comments

  1. She’s an odious individual and a hypocrite

  2. I’ve never met anyone who can explain why this total non-acheiver is in a position of authority.

    I wouldn’t leave her in charge of looking after the school hamster during the summer hols.

    1. She is only there as a sop and token to the religion of “peace”

  3. Robert (Kettering) 31 May 2013, 4:35pm

    She’s never been elected to anything and as far as I’m concerned she’s only there as a “token” nothing more.

    As a person I find her obnoxious, sly, bigoted and comes across as thick as two short planks. I loath her.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. She is however supporting equal marriage in the place that counts on the day that counts – I think we should save our bile for those in the Lords who are failing to do either personally.

    1. tim Chapman 31 May 2013, 5:39pm

      On the other hand, she’s doing the minimum when she could have done so much more, so she should take some flack.

      1. You may be right, but I’ll be venting my anger on those who are openly acting against our interests next week

        1. Tim Chapman 31 May 2013, 10:33pm

          Let’s do both!

    2. Is she? people thought that of creepy bigot simon hughes too, i’m not that trusting that warsi will actually support marriage on the day. Don’t believe a word she says.

  5. Her title is a misnomer , she discriminates against LGBT communities who she proclaims to represent. But does any community actually approve of this unelected token peer. She needs to be dismissed .

  6. Thankfully she’s not ‘steering’ it. That would be like giving a 2 year old child the wheel of a Ferrari with a brick on the accelerator, it would be total write off, and a waste of a good car.

    The sooner she disappears from UK politics the better.

  7. The same thing happened in Scotland. Roseanna Cunningham, the Minister for Community Safety & Legal Affairs, should be the minister responsible for same-sex marriage but she refused to do it so it was given to the Health Secretary instead.

    Remember, Cunningham is a catholic and tabled an (unsuccessful) amendment in the Scottish Parliament in 2006 to make it illegal for gay couples to adopt. She said, “I cannot see how overturning tens of thousands of years of nature’s design will move us forward in society.”

    Both Cunningham and Warsi should be kicked out of their plum government jobs, and their parties too for that matter.

    Well done to the NSS for condemning Warsi and calling for her to be sacked.

  8. Mark van Fistenberg 1 Jun 2013, 1:11am

    Not so dear baroness whatever, perhaps you should not be too fearful of ‘condom training’, ’cause who knows if the scout might not prefer it rubberfree )in case of any such indecent dreams of yours might carry any validity whatsoever)! *sarcastic smurk*

    1. You’re commenting in the wrong thread here Mark, I think you want the Linda Harvey article:

      … but I agree with your sentiment.

  9. I actually emailed this king-sized hyprocrite at I encourage others to do the same and let her know how disappointed you are in her hypocrisy and the fact she is bringing her own biased opinions and religious understandings to the table thereby not bringing true democracy nor protecting the rights of all minorities. It’s critical we do not let people like this go under the radar. She has no place in Parliament nor speaking in the House if she cannot hold true to the premise of her job and what the public purse pays her to do. I can add that the fact she takes money from us makes me want to vomit. I would never pay somebody like this to clean my toilet let alone speak on my behalf!

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