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Amanda Bynes calls gay former NSync star Lance Bass ‘ugly and talentless’

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Reader comments

  1. David Walsh 31 May 2013, 2:55am

    It’s sad that this young woman, who at 27 is a few years older than me, has gone from being a perfectly likeable actress to someone whose behaviour is downright childish, disrespectful and trashy.

  2. auntie babs 31 May 2013, 3:09am

    Amanda who?

    1. Yeah, I had to google her – never heard of the woman…

      1. Well if its not just me thinking that, you’ve saved me the bother of even caring that much, thanks :P

        1. Same here.

  3. WTF!? Who cares. What relevance does this have to anyone’s life? Is this site turning into a gossip blog!?

  4. What a crazy news. That’s all I got to say.

  5. This is not news!!!!

  6. She sounds a bit wacky…but she was damn hot in Hairspray…I’d jump the fence for her (only temporarily of course).

  7. Michael 2912 31 May 2013, 8:09am

    This morning I encounter this ridiculous item and read the phrase “could of” where “could have” would be appropriate in the Lords EM debate story. Maybe this site and app just aren’t for me.

  8. I have never heard of either of these people and their childish spats are of no interest whatsoever – why is this article featured here?

  9. Please please please PLEASE STOP reporting this drivel!

    Aside from the fact it’s celebrity (and I used that word in the loosest possible terms) tittle-tattle, it has nothing to do with him being gay!

    If you reported every time a gay person had a falling out with someone else you’d need a workforce of thousands.

  10. Says a woman who looks like a transvestite.

  11. Is this the standard of journalism (or lack thereof) we can expect from Pinknews? Such a log and detailed article devoted to a trivial bit of gossip, whereas issues of interest to the gay community are given just a few lines that appear to be “copy & paste” jobs from press releases. Come on pinknews… there are so many real issues that could be covered, don’t waste time on things like this

  12. Why is this “news” ?

    It’s a non homophobic twitter attack on someone who just happens to be gay

    Hardly “news”

    Must be a slow news day

  13. But she didn’t attack his sexuality? She was well within her rights to pass comment after he said she had a mental illness? The title suggests that Amanda did this unprovoked and against his sexuality

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