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Labour says government is ‘lashing out’ at ‘poor handling’ of equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. And all this because Pink News labelled a clearly Tory source as speaking on behalf of the Government when they clearly weren’t…

    1. Not just PN, Dave. Other sources are quoting the same blurb from the same “source”

      And Glenys Thornton has, indeed, been working hard to get the scheduling of this bill sorted out. I’ve been following (and helping where possible) her efforts to ensure the safe passage this legislation – she deserves the Tories’ praise, not snide remarks.

  2. I hope the everyone can put party politics behind them and unite to support this legislation.

    1. i.e. Stop the squabbling

  3. Craig Nelson 30 May 2013, 7:57pm

    To have the Lords vote at 3am is indeed risky and not a good idea. I think there was a serious risk it could undermine the bill’s delicate passage. We don’t want the govt to be seen as “ramming it through”.

    The bill has a cross party majority and indeed Labour saved the govt’s bacon over the ‘wrecking’ amendment, without which there probably wouldn’t be a bill. All parties need to work together in a respectful manner without recrimination and keeping the true enemy in one’s sights.

  4. Paul Brownsey 30 May 2013, 8:09pm

    “With at least 86 peers having requested to speak on Monday, the vote could of happened as late as 3am.”

    “Could *have* happened.”

    1. Oh thank-you! the Grammar Nazi in me was itching to respond!
      That is one of those “errors” that drives me absolutely up the wall.

      1. In that case I apologise in advance for the “your” not “you’re” which I dropped earlier today. It’s been annoying me every time I’ve scanned those particular comments ;-)

      2. de Villiers 30 May 2013, 11:20pm

        A nazi kills Jewish people and gay people.

  5. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 8:26pm

    Probably too much to expect that they stop grandstanding and just get on with it.

    I do have sympathy, Glenys. You’re all just equally super for supporting it, okay?

    Blimey. Its like kids arguing about who’s been the best behaved today.

  6. did heterosexual couples go through with this was well . & if not why should we .

  7. Why is labour proud of “avoiding pension costs” they made it so that some married couples will only get 10 years of their partners pension instead of the whole of it which a straight couple would get. They have paid the same in they deserve the same out as straight couples would.

    1. Hi James, accidentally ‘reported’ your message which was a mistake! Wanted to give it a tick. The icons are too close to each other…

  8. “The vote could OF happened” – who writes this stuff?

  9. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2013, 12:01pm

    On this issue they all need to stop bickering and get on with it. The Commons job is done, it was a majority.

    Yes that was Thanks to Labour and the Lib Dems and all need to acknowledge that. I also think we have to acknowledge that it has been pushed through very positively by David Cameron and his supporters within this party.

    Sadly those opposed will do anything to derail the Marriage Bill. They are bitter in loosing and it’s about time they grow up and accepted democracy.

  10. Why all this rubbish with “poor handling”??? The Marriage Bill passed the Commons resoundingly. It has been a TOTAL success! The only ones who are complaining are the homophobic bigots who couldn’t find an angle to destroy it. Let’s not guve them any more soundbites by repeating that tagline. It’s what they want. The fact is everything has happened the way it was supposed to and we have the backing of the public. The people have spoken and the UK wants to share love and commitment in the institution of marriage regardless of who you choose to love. This is history in the making.

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