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Clare Balding takes aim at ‘uncool’ Lord Tebbit over his ‘lesbian queen’ remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Tebbit does look like a strange dinosaur full of fear and attack for no good reason.

    A lesbian queen.. well, what about the kings and queens who were not able to have children of their own. Anyway, that whole biological inheritance thing is a dinosaur thing too.

  2. Robert (Kettering) 30 May 2013, 1:50pm

    Tebbit must realise that there have in history already been Gay Kings (or most certainly bi) and certainly one Queen who I gather also had “close” female friends. Just read a history book Mr. Tebbit!

  3. Just more reasons why I love this woman, well put Clare

  4. It’s widely believed by historians that James I had an affair with George Villiers the Duke of Buckingham, several intimate letters between the two still exist. Also William III (who ruled jointly with Mary) could have been gay, the same with William Rufus, Edward II and Richard the Lionheart (although it is hotly debated). Queen Anne as far as I know is our only rumoured lesbian queen.

    The point being that we have definitely had monarchs that were gay, most carried out their “royal duty” to provide an heir because they had little choice.

    That said I personally think the monarchy is an outdated, anachronistic institution that has no place in a modern society and I think that Norman Tebbit is a nasty and hateful little twat. 

    I quite like Clare Balding though because she seems like a decent and intelligent woman.

    1. Patrick Lyster-Todd 30 May 2013, 2:50pm

      Personally, I don’t think the monarchy is an outdated, anachronistic institution that has no place in a modern society – the thought of yet another money-grubbing politician with little integrity or sense of duty being elected as Head of State fills me with horror – but I do agree that Norman Tebbit is a nasty and hateful little twat!

      1. Well at least the “money grabbing politician” would be elected.

        Let’s be honest, our politicians are corrupt but when you look at places like Italy and Russia you realise that it could be a lot worse. You say “sense of duty”, well I should bloody well hope so that she has a sense of duty after getting such a privileged start in life, it’s the least I’d expect after being the product of an unfair class system.

  5. FFS He was only playing with ideas. A mischevous ending to his interview. Why not read the whole article and see how really good it is:

    1. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 4:01pm

      Just read it again to humour you. I’m reminded that he mischievously conflates incest with homosexuality and mischievously tries to suggest that homosexuality in royalty is a problem.

      He’s as mischievous as a Rottweiler chewing your leg off – just a big old softie when you get to know him really, isn’t he?

    2. Yeah, it’s really good – I think it’s really good when discussing a bill which will provide long overdue equality to gay people, former politicians will try to foresee every single predicament which could be seen as one more reason to prevent this bill going forward. I always think it’s really good to hear from the lovely Lord Tebbit who has always been so generous to gay people and has a definite track record on commenting on introducing equal rights to marriage. And I think it is especially good when anyone, however mischievously, drops an incest or bestiality comment into a discussion on equal marriage. It feels really good to be seen as a step towards these.

    3. He was playing with a stupid idea. The bill has absolutely no impact on whether a lesbian, or a child conceived as a result of sperm donation, is eligible to become the monarch (for the record, there’s nothing to stop a lesbian becoming queen, but the hypothetical child would probably be considered illegitimate and would not be able to). He is a peer and is about to be given a say over whether the bill becomes law – attempting to ensure that his public statements about the bill have some basis in reality is the least we can expect from him.

  6. Tom Chicago 30 May 2013, 2:39pm

    Ms. Balding brings civility to the discussion and stakes her position, by far, on the higher ground.

  7. Go Clare. Rock that old dinosoreass to to history (misspelling is an intentional pun).

  8. She, as usual, rocks. Tebbit, as usual confirms he is a nasty yet irrelevant tosser. The only way he could be ‘cool’ is if he was locked inside an industrial freezer. Not that I’m suggesting….

    One thing, she’s a freelance TV presenter, not on a BBC employee. They hire her a lot, but she’s freelance. Hence her fronting C4’s Paralympic coverage amongst other things.

  9. His point was that it was a populist move that the cabinet had not really bothered to give any thought to.

    It was an article that shows what people say when using their common sense and not meekly following the party line. No wonder the establishment and the media set out to rubbish it.

    1. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 3:53pm

      Ah, the old “common sense” argument. About as accurate as “right thinking people”. Both are meaningless generalisations.

      Presumably by “not bothered to give any thought” you infer that the those opposed to equal marriage who claim we’ve spent far too much time on the debate are wrong? I take it you would rather they all continued to have a good think until they came up with the “right” answer (by your definition)?

      “set out to rubbish it” – Next you’ll have us believe that Tebbit is widely regarded as a balanced and moderate intellectual with huge empathy, a hit with the ladies and a charming dinner companion.

      1. No if you read his article ” The government discussed it for 20 minutes on the morning of its announcement. They’d done no work on it beforehand.” What they were doing was nothing to do with what is right and proper, but simply something to please the voters.

        I used the term common sense in contrast to thoughlessly following the party whip.

        I have no love for the tories or for that matter Nu Labour but Tebbit is a pragmatist of the old school. He gives as one of his heroes Ernest Bevin. He must be totally fed up with the people he has to deal with today.

        And the papers have certainly succeeded in playing on people’s sensitivities.

        1. Tebbbit a pragmatist? A nasty, crypto-fascist bastard is a more accurate description.

        2. Tebbit a pragmatist? A nasty, crypto-fascist bastard is a more accurate description.

        3. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 8:10pm

          The difference between us is that you seem willing to take Tebbit’s report of time spent as a matter of immutable fact, whereas I see it in the context of an individual who was a key part of a government machine that had no time or empathy for social issues; I wouldn’t trust the man further than I could have kicked him in his prime. Which is probably not as far as he kicked that kid on the Chinese New Year parade as I recall.

          I don’t believe that the papers doing what they always do has any bearing on the validity of Norman’s utterings, and certainly not to the detriment of his views when taken in balance.

      2. These people mistakenly think that they are part of a general consensus, that’s true of many people who are against equal marriage. I’ve found that you’ll rarely come across an anti-equal marriage person who admits that they’re now in a minority in Britain, they confuse being part of the noisy minority with being a part of the moral majority. It’s quite sad really.

        Those who claim that we have spent “far too much time on this issue” are using a pathetic excuse, the truth is that it would never be the right time for them and even if the equal marriage bill were passed through with more haste they’d find another reason to complain.

        I laugh at how anti-equal marriage advocates portray themselves as an anti-elitist countermovement and champion people like Nigel Farage as some kind of hero of the “common man”. Yes an ex-stockbroker who worked in the City is a real champion of “the people”, right.

    2. Bill Cameron 30 May 2013, 8:38pm

      What a load of rubbish. The cabinet have certainly given the matter a great deal of thought to this matter, particularly the senior Conservative members of the cabinet – they know that if they are to stand a chance of winning an outright majority in 2015 they have, at all costs, to support policies in tune with the mood of the majority of British people, not be seduced by the seemingly easy option of a retreat to the dead-end policies advocated by people like Tebbit.

  10. Good on Claire – it’s 2013 when will these backward bigots stop the ‘gay’ labelling –

    Lesbian presenter is no more relevant to her job than
    Asshole Lord, is to Tebbits!

    1. What is the relevance of Claire being a presenter and lesbian to Tebbit saying his government is a bunch of t****rs?

      1. Instead ask why such a wanker like you is spending time on this website you spinless Arse!

        1. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 8:13pm

          I’m sure Mr Tebbit himself couldn’t have put it better :P

  11. You tell ’em Clare, nothing wrong with an openly lesbian Queen. At least that person will be a happy and content one because they won’t be hiding anything.

  12. What’s the matter with a lesbian queen ? If there was a lesbian queen she wouldn’t need to adopt or have artificial insemination to have a child and a heir of her own, she could just marry a pre-op transwoman. I am a bisexual transwoman myself and I would love to consitute a family with a cisgender woman someday, specially if my BFF accepted me as I am.

  13. Stephen MOLE 30 May 2013, 5:07pm

    Tebbit never was to be taken seriously, and things haven’t changed. Just dismiss him, don’t give him another thought. He’s just riding on the whole ‘Thatcher wasn’t so bad’ movement occasioned by her death.

  14. Oh well…judging by the longevity of the present queen and her family, old Tebbitosaurus won’t be around if and when we have a gay monarch. But I hope I am. YAY!

  15. Dear Clare, Tebbit isn’t worthy to lick the sole of your boot!!!!

  16. Why does it matter to Tebbit if there is a future lesbian queen? He’ll be long gone – dead and very silence – by then.

    1. sooner rather than later…

  17. I’d feel a lot better about the monarchy if Clare Balding was the queen, to be honest. Anyone up for another Glorious Revolution?

    1. Gormenghast1957 31 May 2013, 3:16pm

      I’m off to the Tower to get the jewellery. I’m sure there must be some gay designer (JPG?), who would leap at the chance of making the attire.

      Just need to check with Clare about her commitments to the BBC.

      Trafalgar Square tomorrow? Police are tied up with EDL and BNP spreading hate so a nice stroll to the Palace would be nice especially with the good weather which will save on sunbeds and tanning products. Probably find a few of the Royal family will join us as they probably have keys and it will allow them to escape their ghastly ‘life eating’ duties.

  18. Well said, Ms. Balding! You have a massive following in this country and your words will make a lot of ditherers THINK.

    (And give me a colourful lesbian queen anyday, over a boring and pedestrian heterosexual one.)

  19. I do see Clare Balding and think ‘lesbian presenter’ – but that’s because her visible normality and success as someone who doesn’t trade on her sexuality but is simply very good at what she does are heartening. Why isn’t she Dame Clare yet?

  20. I bet none of you have actually read Tebbit’s interview. You’ve all been hoodwinked by the newspaper reports. What he said about is much more important. By the time this government has finished, sexual issues will be the least of our worries.

    1. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 9:50pm

      The issue here isn’t that the rest of us haven’t read it as you well know, but rather that we have read it, disagree with it, and you don’t like that.

      “What he said about ” … what exactly?

      What we are disagreeing with is specifically his statements regarding the equal marriage legislation. It appears you wish to conflate some additional points; when you’ve remembered what they are, don’t forget to be clear about how this relates to the actual topic under discussion.

      You will still need to work on your conclusion, since the slippery slope fallacy you have offered isn’t going to convince anyone around here.

    2. de Villiers 30 May 2013, 11:28pm

      Sexual issues should be the least of everyone’s worries, including the Lord Tebbit – since there is nothing to worry about.

  21. Gormenghast1957 31 May 2013, 2:55pm

    Dear Clare.

    You have just become my ‘pin up girl’. I know it’s a terribly offensive quip as the last one was Purdey when the New Avengers was on TV back in the days when everything was in sepia and horse and carts were a common sight.

    I agree with you totally. Wonderful.

    You are an excellent journalist & your recent documentary on QE2 was so good I didn’t channel hop.

    Keep up the great work professionally and in private. As for hateful comments you and partner receive, post them on your web site so people can identify these pathetic people.

  22. We are simply going through worldwide growing pains,every improvement of the human race has met resistance by some.The trick is,don’t give up. If I am not mistaken a monarch assigning a surrogate heir or making the result of an out of wedlock tryst “heir to the thrown”is far from being unheard of,or unprecedented(in kings anyway).Remove all the rhetoric and all we have here is misogyny and homophobia.Oh,if you wish you may add a sprinkle of lingering theocratic oppression if you wish.

  23. billforsyth 3 Jun 2013, 12:22am

    Presumably in the case of a Lesbian Queen it would be her who would bestow the succession and crown to her child by virtue of being the childs mother ,that is how hereditary monarchy works .A sovereign monarch being the important factor not the other parent.

  24. Love Clare Balding!

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