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Author slams Cannes-winner lesbian film which was based on her graphic novel

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Reader comments

  1. Fascinating reaction, given that in today’s Guardian there appears an erudite review stating that the sex scene in this film can in no be construed as pornographic.

    Is this a case of sour grapes for Julie Maroh? Did she wish to be more involved? Has she not been given the exposure that she would have liked?

    It’ll be interesting to hear what gay women think of the film, as opposed to what Julie Maroh says they think of it.

    1. Julie Maroh is a gay woman

      1. she probably wanted lesbian to direct the film, not some bloke with lesbian fetish

        1. kane, I haven’t time to check but my understanding is that the young Tunisian director of this film is gay, and not some hetersexual bloke with a lesbian fetish.

      2. Thanks for that information. However, it makes no difference: I want to hear what gay women think of the film after they have seen it.

    2. Becka Blade 5 Jul 2013, 4:49pm

      You think thats wiild, check out the 22 year old British savage writer of erotica Jane Brooke. Her lesbian novel “Warehouse Wonder World” on Amazon is scorching, bdsm, bondage, love and madness. WOW, toe melting stuff. Cheers Becka

  2. I think the filmmakers did push the porn button. And though the author has signed rights away, she is still entitled to be silly later.

  3. Midnighter 30 May 2013, 7:37pm

    I’d imagine if you get a nice love story and some eye candy then the lesbian audience will be unlikely to be too unhappy. I’d be surprised if any such issues detract greatly from the heart of the film given the warm reviews.

    We’ll just have to see it and make our own minds up, like any other film I guess.

  4. ““Because – except for a few passages – this is all that it brings to my mind: a brutal and surgical display, exuberant and cold, of so-called lesbian sex, which turned into porn, and [made] me feel very ill at ease.”

    Is she saying that they’re poor actors? I haven’t seen the film (obviously) but when I’ve watched Brokeback Mountain, gay porn isn’t what comes to mind nor does the actors’ sexual orientation. The “reunion kiss” scene seems especially authentic.

  5. Ouch…

  6. Author doesn’t like film adaptation of their work? Absolute shocker!

  7. At first i felt that she was being ungrateful and ungracious listen lady – your novel was made into a film be grateful i felt. I have not seen the film and so would need to see it to see if her points were valid or not. As to people laughing in the theater they were not laughing at your work, we creatives are very very defensive over our work..but yes its the fact that it is the first in a very long time that queer film has been embraced so public ally without it being placed in a queer film festival, is my own personal view on the issue actually. and it was a nervous laughter..She is right tho there is hardly any lesbian actresses around and certainly there is a shortage of them in the black and ethnic minorities. As a film maker who has made a Christian lesbian film and one that had to use heteros for the lead roles i know this to be true, and my leading ladies said they would do it but in the end we had to scrap the main love scenes as they found that they couldnt do it

    1. actually i felt that it was a problem of them being worried that they might be awakened and like it. honestly it was what i felt and also curiously i felt that perhaps i should not awaken them unto it. the other problems of course is trying to keep the sexual /love momentum going esp if filmed over separate days and or even periods ( day/afternoon) and getting the actresses to remain in the zone.

      1. Interesting views, Lizzie. And re. there being few lesbian actresses around, well Julie Maroh could do some work to change that situation and encourage lesbian actresses to come forth.

  8. I just watched it last night. The film was just brilliant – superb acting, a great story that pulled on just about all my strings, an emotional roller-coaster. Regarding the controversial sex scenes – NOBODY in cinema giggled (altough an elderly regular nearly choked on pop corn when the first sex scene came on, but he eventually managed to calm down). The audience was of mixed preferences, gender and age groups. My personal opinion is that the sex scenes were realistic! In fact the most realistic lesbian scenes I have ever seen – you may call them pornographic, but from my experience the scenes were true to life and I am not gonna lie, I enjoyed them. I didn’t think the explicit sex scenes diminished the quality of the movie, quite the opposite – the raw sex scenes corresponded with the whole nature of the film thanks to which the characters got under my skin and 3 hours passed really fast. I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their sexuality.

    1. Querdenkerin 9 Jan 2014, 1:52pm

      I watched the film a few days ago. Hardly anyone in the audience laughed and those who did seemed to have had the wrong idea of lesbian sex. So it was kind of educational. Sadly, some people were too bewildered and looked away. Most of the audience (mostly lesbians I suppose) watched silently, as did my friend and I. We both thought the sex scenes were authentic. Of course, such sex scenes are always kind of awkward since they aren´t real and it may seem weird because you aren´t used to watch two people having sex like this in a movie.

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