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Anti-equal marriage leader sends ‘best wishes’ to France’s first married gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. At first I thought this was a sweet gesture of magnanimity and goodwill but then I read further down where she says the new goal should be:

    “to have politicians add the repeal of the equal marriage and adoption law, to their election platforms.”

    On that pretext her messages of congratulations seem smug and vaguely threatening. Like, “enjoy it while you can, we’re still gunning for you”.

    It’s not me is it? Does anyone else read it that way?

    1. I think that we all read it in a similar way!

    2. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2013, 10:36am

      Agreed and the argument to these nasty vile, cretins would be how would they like to feel that their own marriages worthless and cancelled out by law?

      Fact is They wouldn’t and they wouldn’t stand for being told it either. So why should we? … I do wish they’d think before they spoke.

    3. de Villiers 30 May 2013, 11:46pm

      She and the opponents have lost. The UMP is imploding over the issue. This law will not be repealed.

  2. If someone still dares to say that those cathos are not hypocrites, deserves a powerful punch on the nose !

    1. Nobody ever said that. We were just pointing out that muslims are MUCH worse.

      1. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2013, 10:39am

        And we shouldn’t have to put with either of their hate and bigotry…. Equally!

  3. Common sense 30 May 2013, 2:27am

    I really wish people would stop calling her a “comedienne”. She does do political comedy through her consultancy “Jalons” but it is squarely in support of the NMR political party, a far right spin off from the Front Nationale. Her family is close to Jean Marrie Le Pen and she attended his most recent wedding.

    This woman properly speaking is a neofascist and not some kind of wildly popular mainstream TV comic.

    1. Oh I see what has happened. The original French-language reports state that “Frigide Barjot is a *joke*”. Seems we’ve had a bit of a translation issue on that last word.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 May 2013, 12:02pm

        Her surname has become French slang for ‘idiot’, apparently. I don’t think she would have foreseen that. The irony of it all. The woman is totally unhinged, irrational and an embarrassment to herself.

  4. What a malicious and hypocritical bytch!
    Too bad she decided not to attend the latest protest, I was looking forward to the possibilty she could get injured.

  5. What a nasty, nasty, disgusting woman!

  6. Michael Heynz 30 May 2013, 2:33am

    I would ask “who is she” but then I realized I couldn’t give a rat’s patootie. I wish her best wishes with her insanity. Sure hope she doesn’t get raped by some Catholic Priest.

    1. Not a chance – most Catholic priests aren’t into women!

      1. Or into people above the minor age who can refuse and fight against a rapist.

  7. I wish you the best, though i will fight to nullify the legality of your marriage.

    To me, her “best wishes” seems to be a little fake.

    1. Exactly! It’s snide. And slightly sinister. Like that witch in Disney who turns up late for the Christening – ‘here’s your present, you’re gonna die!’

  8. How can you do this to people? Seriously?

    Ok. So you’re against it. Fine. That’s your right. Makes you a bigot and stuffs, but your call if you want to be that.

    However, a democratically elected body has approved this legislature. Checked, checked and double checked. All legal, all ok. You lost the battle. Shame. You can continue living your life now.

    Rather, however, you choose to continue to (try to) influence the political debate and have now legal marriages eventually annulled. Basically, if this gets any steam thousands of individuals and couples have the sword of Damocles above their lives, fearing it may come down at any moment.

    It is extremely vile. Possibly way more vile than initial opposition.

    Oh this makes me so angry.

    Not religious here but how I hope for the pearly gates to exist and they eventually will have to confront their actions in life. Not going to be pretty.

    /end rant

  9. What a hateful woman.

    “Congratulations, I wish you well, but I will fight to rip your happiness away from you”

    Literally the stuff of movie villains.

    1. Yeah it’s a bit tasteless but, then again, to think a marriage certificate brings happiness is madness in itself, don’t you think? What with there being a 50% divorce rate and affairs etc etc…

  10. Her 15 minutes is now over though she’s still trying to milk it to the last for a bit more attention, she’s a loser and she’s history and what a worthless piece of history.

  11. What a poisonous b*tch! She seems desperate for attention and deperate to pollute other people’s happiness to make up for her own misery and insecurity. Pathetic, bitter woman.

  12. “Congratulations! Enjoy it until I get your marriage annulled!” What a bitch!

  13. It’s like Hitler sending out a Happy Yom Kippur card!

    1. She has the look of Eva Braun.

    2. de Villiers 30 May 2013, 11:34pm

      It really isn’t.

  14. Michael 2912 30 May 2013, 8:06am

    What a horrible creature she is. The earrings tell us all we need to know about her moral depth.

    1. Yes, toilet door signs.

      1. Commander Thor 30 May 2013, 8:36am

        The poo is supposed to go down the toilet, not come out of it…

  15. Ironic isn’t it that this sad old moose wants to re-brand this as ‘Future for All’ yet she wants to deny loving couples the future they deserve.

    The woman would not know a contradiction if it sat on her face and wriggled!

    1. Probably what she means is “Unfortune Future for All”.

  16. I wish you well but want to destroy your happiness and take away your rights.

    She is one of those girls at a counter who smile at you but their eyes are saying fu?k off I don’t want to serve you.

    1. Stop the ‘happiness’ rubbish; you’re being really daft if you think a marriage certificate brings happiness. If it did, there’d be no such thing as divorce.

      Seriously, this is why the vast majority of people are indifferent (neither for OR against) SSM.

      1. if only one wants the right to get married 30 May 2013, 10:30am

        its about equality dumbo

        1. Equality is reason enough, the claim that it brings happiness is ludicrous, though. Yeah, cos it really DOES because there is no such thing as divorce, is there?


          1. Tim Chapman 30 May 2013, 3:58pm

            Equality contributes to happiness. I can’t believe I actually have to say it. What planet are you on?

      2. Are you married?

        My parents were married for 31 years until my dads death and the marriage brought them incredible happiness.

        I’m in a Civil Partnership and am incredibly happy. I’ll be even happier when I can convert that to a marriage.

        Marriage does bring happiness to those taking part. But it is also a sad fact that some don’t always last for whatever reasons.

        1. No, D.McCabe, it was their RELATIONSHIP that kept your parents happy, not their rubber stamp of approval from the government i.e. marriage certificate.

          A marriage occurs as a PRIVATE agreement between two people.
          Which the government rubber stamps.

          Honestly, I’m going to say the same to you as I’d say a pair of heterosexuals: LEGAL marriage does NOT make a happy relationship. Prepare for disappointment if you think that it will.

          1. beelzeebub 30 May 2013, 2:27pm

            I was able to visit my partner in hospital in the months before he died.

            Without LEGAL Civil Partnership I would not have been afforded that.


            A “government Rubber Stamp” brought happiness.

    2. I encountered one of those in Tescos the other day. You can hear it in their tone of voice, when they ask you if you’re having a nice day. As if they’re chewing glass.

  17. Early reports described Frigide Barjot as a cross dressing activist and comedian, is she a trans woman? and if so why would she be against marriage equality? I can’t figure it

  18. Open letter to Frigide Barjot. My Frigide, because you called me my Alex, in the 15 years that I’ve known you, I address you one last time. I have fond memories with you, you know my family, I had brunch at your house, I offered you my arm on the red carpet of the Festival of Deauville, we dined at the Opera Garnier, I organized a number of parties for you and your husband… But never mind, I am gay, in favor of equal rights and the democratic opportunity since I consistently vote as a conscientious citizen. Your last remarks gave me nausea. You have overstepped all bounds and you are from this point forward a public danger. With your call of blood … You opened Pandora’s box of homophobia and I will never forgive you. I wish that the cart of s–t that you raised falls on you and masks the putrid odor of your words. In the bonfire of the vanities where you will surely end up, burn in the small fire and do not pray to your God — that will not serve anything — he will surely be the las

  19. (Cont’d)
    …he will surely be the last one to defend you, as your words and the stature you give yourself are only a masquerade for the ones who know your past. I will stop here and I thank Facebook for having invented the function “to remove a contact” which will be the final pleasure that I grant to you.

    Penned by Alexandre Dousson — who claims to have known the critical comic for 15 years. I thought it deserved a reprise here.

  20. She’ll end up like Anita Bryant ostracised and bankrupt with a good few tartes à la crème along the way.

  21. Helge Vladimir Tiller 30 May 2013, 9:26am

    Once an idiot-always an idiot !

  22. What a witch-like thing to do! To send “Best wishes of commitment, loyalty and happiness” while at the very same time declaring her intention to have the marriage annulled by way of repealing the law throughout France.

    Witch! That’s all I can think she is. And not a “good witch” either. (You know what the opposite of “good witch” is.)

    1. The all-powerful church burned many people as witches in the past, so likening this born-again-Catholic activist to a witch is probably not so very appropriate.

      1. Yes, Pavlos, I see what you mean. Of course it wouldn’t be a very humanitarian thing to do to burn Frigide Barjot as a witch. I maintain she’s a witch however, though I wouldn’t wish to her burnt alive.

  23. Come on you nice French gays, put on a cardigan, grab a cup of tea, buy a Eurostar ticket and party in the rain over here where Gay Marriage is opposed outside parliament only by a sad, pathetic coach-load of senile Mary Whitehouse-lookalikes wearing plastic rain bonnets, rather than by 100,000’s of violent thugs. In return you can have Ann Widdecombe.

  24. “Born again catholic” seething with hatred of course.

  25. On the other hand 30 May 2013, 9:59am

    I watched various channel’s news coverage of the ceremony and have to say that the BBC’s, particularly News At 10, was clearly edited in a way to show it in the least favourable light. I have always been a fan of the BBC, but the homophobia of the newsdesk is shameful.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 May 2013, 12:07pm

      Yes, absolutely shameful but it’s made no pretence of whose side it’s on, the bigots of course. I must say though, I was more than surprised that the Telegraph depicted the video nicely. ITV also did a lovely video of it, very tasteful. What a beautiful couple they made, so in love.

  26. Seems to me the ex-pope’s team may still be running things on this issue and others, and are very influential in France.

    Notice how the new pope said atheists go to heaven, and the next day an “official” made a declaration saying the opposite. Makes you wonder who is running things.

    1. Beelzeebub 30 May 2013, 2:21pm

      So much for papal “infallibility”!

  27. As long as the economy is bad, she will have fuel to spread her irrational hate. Once the economy is in a better shape, no one will listen to her bs.

  28. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2013, 10:28am

    All I see is Love being celebrated but religion being violent against us because of it.

    It’s vile that these people continue to hold us up for debate instead of letting things go.

    True is why so they persist? Marriage is down to the individuals getting married. It doesn’t affect anyone else.

    Stop debating us and get on with your own lives I say.

  29. Is she mentally ill, or is she mentally ill? I l know we can’t judge a book by its cover, but look at those earrings!

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 30 May 2013, 11:11am

      Like Your comment- I love humour. Yes, the earrings. Totally unbalanced and the proof that this woman has no taste at all. Be it people or style-

    2. What are you implying that the 1 in 4 with mental illness are anti marriage creeps?

      1. Commander Thor 30 May 2013, 4:34pm

        All anti marriage creeps are mentally ill. The converse isn’t necessarily true. To assume that was meant is to commit the affirming the consequent fallacy.

  30. So she skips a protest on sunday that she instigated with threat of violence, then sends best wishes to a gay couple that she does not want to be a couple married. You couldn’t make it up!
    Does she still have credibility with the anti marriage loons after this obvious hypocrisy?

  31. We all have wishes for you.

  32. How dare this Woman tell Men what to do, she should start living as her bible tells her to….

    “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. ” Timothy 2:11-15

    1. de Villiers 30 May 2013, 11:45pm


      Quoting isolated lines of scripture is of no help to anyone. The scriptures are literary not literal texts.

      The story of creation in Genesis contains two opposite accounts of the creation of woman, mutually incompatible but carrying different but complementary meanings.

      In the first, woman and man are created together at the same time – symbolising the equal nature of friendships and society, competition and equality between the sexes and between people generally.

      In the second, paragraphs later, woman is created only after man’s defeat in the form of falling into the sleep and sacrifice in the form of giving up part of his body – symbolising that happiness in sexual and personal partnership is found not in the competition between equal friends but the mutual sacrifice based on love, restraint and compromise.

      I am surprised that you do not want to favour the more liberal over the more conservative interpretations.

      1. De villiers, I never saw your answer in one of my previous comments, do you believe baby jesus came back to life from the dead? turned water into wine? and walked on water? Or was he just a magician that tricked people, or is christianity just a fairytale metaphor too?

        Oh, and what is the metaphoric symbolism of these passages…..

        Psalms 137:9
        “How blessed will be the one who grabs your babies and smashes them on a rock!”

        Deuteronomy 22:28-29
        “If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.”

        Luke 12:47-48
        “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows.”

      2. de Villiers 31 May 2013, 10:42am

        Mark. I cannot help thinking that you want to assert and argue rather than genuinely to learn. It is a bit difficult to give one-line answers to complicated issues. No-one could respond to a question about Sartrean existentialism or Derridean deconstructionism in a couple of words. The philosophy involved in theology is as complicated.

        You also seem to not to have read very carefully what I said above (which was not very complicated). Much of the bible is literary not literal.

        But to take the first: Psalm 137:9. You have omitted the preceding verses, “O daughter Babylon, soon to be devastated! How blessed will be the one who repays you for what you dished out to us! How blessed will be the one who grabs your babies and smashes them on a rock!”

        The full Psalm is known today as “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and we wept as we remembered Zion.” as follows:

      3. de Villiers 31 May 2013, 10:48am

        By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down,
        Oh where we wept, as we remembered Zion.

        On the poplars within her we hung our harps,
        for there our captors asked for words of song,
        And our tormentors, to make them merry –
        said sing for us, from a song of Zion.

        How can we sing a song of the Lord on foreign land?

        O Jerusalem, if I should forget you may my right hand forget.
        May my tongue cleave to my palate if I cease to remember you,
        If I do not cause Jerusalem to raise, my greatest joy.

        Do you remember, Lord, the children of Edom
        on the day of Jerusalem?
        How they said, “Destroy her down to the ground of her foundation!”

        Oh Daughter of Babylon, you shall be destroyed,
        Happy is the one who pays you as you have dealt with us
        Happy the one who will seize and dash your children against the rock!

      4. de Villiers 31 May 2013, 10:55am

        This Psalm was written after the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem. The Babylonians destroyed or stole everything of value and precious – whether in the form of gold and valuable items, the burning of religious books, the rape of women and children.

        The hatred of the author wished to see the destruction of Babylon and all that it had produced. It shows of the hatred that can burn within people and of the prisoners taken by Babylon and who were made to work in Babylon as slaves “by the rivers of Babylon”.

        Apart from the last two verses, the work is instructive – a reflection on all our lives that we all wait by the river of Babylon. We all struggle with our captors – not literal ones but metaphorical issues that we feel have us trapped or sometimes oppressed or exploited. How we all struggle to understand why it is that our lives might not have been as happy or fulfilled as we would have wanted. The struggle of understanding and trying to make sense of the things that happen to us.

      5. de Villiers 31 May 2013, 11:01am

        The final two lines are more difficult. They show the darkness in humans and in the desire for revenge. It contradicts to the fundamental to love one’s neighbour as oneself

        When we look at the Front National and EDL attacking innocent Muslims because of the actions of a minority of them – and celebrating this on the internet in such lurid terms. Or where those minority of Muslim extremists justify their acts on Western destruction of their homes.

        Or at one time in the past, those in England and France desired and celebrated the destruction of Germans, of German cities, of the Japanese and of Hiroshima. It was feted at its time but we understand the costs later and appreciate what was done.

        As with this Psalm. It records accurately what we see around us today – suffering and hate. The question is how we learn from this – how we can look to the Psalm to understand the world around us today and how we should act.

      6. de Villiers 31 May 2013, 11:13am

        It is difficult really to explain further on this Psalm in short space and in English. But to take just the first example you provided – you took a line from a Psalm, you quoted it out of context, you did not try to understand its historical background and you looked for an argument about it rather than to understand it.

        I am not sure what a good English literary example would be – perhaps the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare which speaks of murder and the Jew having his “pound of flesh”. There are important observations in such a play which are not undermined by such strong passages. They are, however, undermined, by being quoted out of context.

        1. The merchant of venice doesn’t get quoted to justify bigotry in parliaments all over the world, it’s not a religious text, everyone knows its a man’s thoughts. Whereas what you are trying to ‘explain’ and justify is seen as a truth that is (has been) used wherever it has any power to to commit hideous acts of violence and oppression. You’re so blinded by your brainwashing from youth that you cannot see the terror those texts have inflicted on the World.

          btw, did baby jesus rise from the dead and walk on water?

        2. de Villiers 31 May 2013, 3:17pm

          Mark – you really display your utter unfairness. I explained one of the matters in your message and you dismiss it by relying on the only part of my response that was almost an afterthought – and which I expressed as such. Really. I had hoped for more from you.

          And then after ignoring the whole of that which I wrote about the meaning of the psalm of the rivers of babylon, rather than that you admit your error that you had taken one sentence out of context, you mention another biblical passage and demand yet another explanation.

          There are answers to all your questions in the discipline and study of theology. It really is not for me to respond one through one to all your questions when you have no interest in the answers rather than to drop the point and to move to the next.

          This is all very disappointing. What I had said at the debut of this exchange was true – you had no interest in learning something new. You merely wanted a fight.

          1. The real error is that a gay man, yourself, believes and attempts to justify a religious text which has been used for the last two thousand years to treat you worse than someone would treat a dog, and you cannot admit it. It’s quite sad and pathetic to see.

            And what’s very disappointing to see is you thinking you are being clever, when in fact you’re fooling no one but yourself as to the truth of the meaning of these texts.

            Jesus was the greatest conman that ever lived, people are still talking about his lies 2000 years later. The thing is, you’re the one who is still being taken in by it. One day you might wake up and realise you’ve been ripped off, but I doubt it, I think you’re brainwashing goes deep.

            And btw, my original quote was from Timothy, on the role of women. There are plenty more passages in the bible, which have no ‘allegorical meaning’, they are instructions on how women should be treated like second class citizens – and you justify that text. Idiot.

          2. de Villiers 1 Jun 2013, 9:49am

            I reviewed the word ‘bigot’ in the Oxford English dictionary:

            bigoted |ˈbɪgətɪd|


            having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others

            On these terms, Mark, your prejudiced intolerance make you a bigot – no better than those whom you criticise. Your snide comments have revealed your true personality.

            I have no interest in maintaining this line of conversation with you – which is on your part a desire for a fight rather than an exchange. I won’t respond any further.

  33. She’s married to a guy called Basile who owns a chateau. Fawlty Towers ?

    I wonder what happened to her though in 2006, in Lourdes, to turn her into such a fanatic ( see her Wiki write up).

  34. Robert in S. Kensington 30 May 2013, 3:38pm

    One very sick religious delusional loon wishing them well then saying she will try to have the law repealed. Vile creature.

  35. Of course, and Hitler wishes the Jews a Happy Hanukkah and Osama bin Laden wishes America a Happy 4 July and a Merry Christmas.

  36. She should have shown her true face and sent a black wreath. Definitely this saloppe is a Cruella Deville – no mistake!

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