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US: Michele Bachmann will not seek re-election to Congress

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Reader comments


    1. Michelle Who….

  2. I bet she needs a full time job just to supervise Marcus.

  3. Midnighter 29 May 2013, 7:14pm

    “not influenced by any concerns about … being re-elected.””

    Oh right, *sure* you could’ve been president if you wanted Michele, right? LMFAO

    Delusional to the end.

  4. Tally Red Panda 29 May 2013, 7:16pm

    “Michele Bachmann is known for her staunch opposition to equal marriage”

    She is also known for her staunch opposition to having brains in ones head. This worm has been quoted as saying carbon dioxide is not a deadly gas, amongst other mindbogglingly stupid things

    1. Midnighter 29 May 2013, 7:44pm

      She was of course talking in the context of global warming before people point out that it isn’t in fact deadly to breathe in.

      She also considers the Lion King “gay propoganda”

      When Lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer she couldn’t resist digging in the knife:

      “Unfortunately she is now suffering from breast cancer, so keep her in your prayers,” she said in November 2004. “This may be an opportunity for her now to be open to some spiritual things, now that she is suffering with that physical disease. She is a lesbian.”

      More at

      1. I hate her! I have nothing else…

        Oh wait, I have this. ‘When kathy griffin met Michelle Bachman’

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 May 2013, 7:19pm

    And I will not shed one single tear. Neither will 99,9 % of all LBGTQ-persons in The USA–and millions upon millions of their friends.

    1. That .1% being her husband.

  6. Another 1.3% to the other guy and she wouldn’t even have been elected this time. Would that it were…

  7. Cherry Valley 29 May 2013, 8:25pm

    I love the part in her 8 min youtube video discussing why she wont run again for office again saying , its not because she can’t win………………um yea its exactly that she cant win. Her state has passed equal marriage, the democrats hold a majority in the state and she i s backed into a corner. sashay away !!

    1. David Myers 31 May 2013, 3:46am

      It might also be the fact that the FBI is now investigating her illegal campaign donations and use thereof during her “Presidential run”.

      1. Cherry Valley 31 May 2013, 7:07am

        Yes. Thats the best part she’s a crook. lol

  8. David in Indianapolis 29 May 2013, 9:57pm

    She’s tried her best to make our lives here a living hell.

    Good riddance to her!

  9. Christopher Hobe Morrison 29 May 2013, 10:14pm

    Probably she has already signed a contract with some nutter right-wing television channel.

  10. Oh dear what a terrible loss she (and her husband) will be to the American political system ha ha

  11. Good riddance to her and her fake ass sissy “husband”.

  12. Michele Bachman quote:

    ““I would like to see the lack of demonization for those of us who stand on sincerely held religious beliefs. It’s overdue. That’s where you see the demonization of people who stand on their beliefs.” Michele claiming the victimhood trophy for all the homophobes like her.”

    You and your ilk were the first ones to demonize all of us. You and your religions started this war against us. Saying that we all, by default, we all are SUPPOSEDLY spiritually and morally bankrupt. That we SUPPOSEDLY need our “gay demons” exorcised out of us. Good riddance to you and your fake ass, sissy “husband”.

  13. Christopher Coleman 30 May 2013, 5:22am

    Shame! She always guaranteed a laugh! With Bachmann and Palin out of the way dear Hillary will positively sparkle.

    1. Bachmann makes Sarah Palin seem like a candidate for membership of Mensa.

  14. “In July 2011, Marcus Bachmann denied the claims.
    He described gay people as “barbarians” who need to be “disciplined” during a radio interview the previous year.”

    Well that’s a juicy insight into the nature of Marcus Bachman’s DVD collection right there.
    At a guess “Sparticus blood and sand”/ “Sparticus Vengeance” as boxed sets and several different variations on “Onan the Barbarian”.

  15. Please turn off the light as you leave.

    1. And she should watch the door doesn’t bang her ass on the way out. No doubt she’ll be straight over to Faux News to collect a fat salary for spouting off her delusion to those not gifted with enough brain cells to change channels.

  16. hot, good-looking chick with brains in her ass!

  17. Oh, let’s face it; Michele Bachmann and her husband are, and have always been about power and money. When it comes to manipulation, the woman is no dummy. If the cash deal were large enough, you can bet she’d drop the holy roller scam so fast, it’d have burns all over it before it hit the ground. She knows damn well that if the ethics committee were to do a really close examination, she’d be looking at censure, at the least, or possible jail time so the woman is “bowing out gracefully”.

    Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next big thing to work for Faux News. I’ll be glued to the screen. Oh, please, someone slap me. I think I’m starting to get delusional. LOL!

  18. David Myers 31 May 2013, 3:53am

    We will, unfortunately, still have to put up with her bat-quano crazy comments until January of 2015 when her term expires, unless she resigns early, gets indicted, or gets impeached. This last election Minnesota dumped its other tea party Congress person, the republican controlled House and Senate and rejected both a constitutional ban on gay marriage and voter suppression Voter Photo ID laws. Because of the opposition to these two ballot measures, Minnesota ended up with the highest voter turnout in the nation, which in turn resulted in the republican majorities in both the Minnesota House and Senate being dumped and control of both houses gained by the Democrats. That in turn led to the successful passage of an Equal Marriage bill recently signed by the Democratic Governor. What I call “just deserts”. Minnesota, you are a model for the nation. Bravo!

    1. Midnighter 31 May 2013, 8:14pm

      Very interesting and encouraging. Thanks for that.

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