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US: Louisiana bill would block gay couples from surrogate parenting

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Reader comments

  1. This is ridiculous.

    Many couples who are in committed, long term relationships, both gay and straight, should not be forced to marry if they do not believe in marriage itself.

    Why should the law ban these loving couples from becoming parents?

    1. If laws don’t already exist to ensure parents don’t duck their child-rearing responsibilities, Louisiana is even more backwards than this cycnical bit of legislation makes them appear.

      If the above is not the reason for this law then – as I suspect is the case- this is merely a cynical attempt to block the civil rights of same sex and atheist couples by the religious mafia.

      What an absolute waste of taxpayer money.

  2. Miguel Sanchez 29 May 2013, 4:54pm

    Gee, will this law stop or reduce teenage pregnancy? I DOUBT IT. It just goes to show that the last hurricane damaged the politicians brains. Oh wait, they have to have one first.

    What’s to stop gay couples from asking a lesbian to carry a child for them? Nothing.

    Or will the state go around and remove children from single parent homes? Louisiana, you’ve been bit one too many times by a gator. Common sense is truly dead in that state.

    1. Exactly. How would they enforce it? Are they going to induce abortions if people ignore the law? Take the child away if the surrogacy goes ahead outside of the states durisdiction?

      It’s unworkable. A waste of time and money.

      This is why these decisions should be federal and not decided on a state by state basis.

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