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US: First college men’s basketball player to come out: ‘You’ve got to be comfortable with who you are’

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  1. Just don’t tell Westboro Baptist Church – they’ll picket your college faster ‘n a polecat climbing a tree. Good luck !!

    1. Yes good luck, and thanks for your example!

      Hope they dont, but I’d like to think it would likely wind up pushing more people to support him as they try to distance themselves from the obvious nutters ;-)

  2. Robert White 29 May 2013, 5:27am

    He’s cute and all. He’s brave to come out. But there is one important quesiton unanswered here, the single most important question for any out athlete…

    Is he any good?

  3. PinkNews: Please hire a sub-editor.

  4. Christopher in Canada 29 May 2013, 7:04pm

    How many more times will we have to read the Jason Collins quote??????

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