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Trans Media Watch calls for press to end ‘character assassination’ of trans people

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Reader comments

  1. I hope that they are heard this time. If the public aren’t shocked by what has gone on will only be because the press have failed to publicise their shame.

    We too can generalise, and the impression I get of the likes of the Mail is that they are staffed by heartless morons who – if they actually have any – leave their humanity and dignity at home.

    These could be acting as a check and balance for the ills of society but seem to be intent on prostituting themselves to maximise corporate profit and personal gain.

  2. Would Leveson’s recommendations have made any difference in this case though – or is this more of a problem of wider ignorance and intolerance in society that’s perpetuated by the ‘outraged’ press?? (I honestly don’t know where they find the energy for all that hate).

    On a separate point, having gone back and looked at some of the coverage in the press at the time I am truly impressed with the support that the school showed to Lucy. That is promising progress in itself. Not so long ago she would’ve been dismissed, I’m sure.

    1. I suspect not. A free press does not guarantee an impartial press, after all.

      The readership will always be at the mercy of the editor’s own integrity, intelligence and compassion, or lacks therof. (Unless we have ‘impartial’ state news and then we’re all really f*&cked).

      I’d be pleased if we manage so much as a moderation in tone and a greater awareness of social responsibility, but I won’t hold my breath over even that.

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