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Government tells press to ‘get on’ with reform following Lucy Meadows inquest

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Reader comments

  1. There absolutely us a need for statutory regulation.

    Self regulation will fail yet again.

    The government is utterly spineless

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 May 2013, 3:46pm

      Agree! Asking them to reform is like pissing in the wind.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 May 2013, 3:45pm

    Well, I think we can safely assume the Mail and Telegraph will ignore any self-reforming. They’d go out of business if they ever did that. They rely on bigotry, homo and transphobia for ratings.

  3. Like asking Turkeys to vote for Christmas.

  4. Marcwebbo3 29 May 2013, 5:06pm

    First things first….close down The Daily Mail/Telegraph….make sure Littlejohn never works for any newspaper ever again….that would be a start…

    Well I can wish……………

    1. Totalitarianism rearing its ugly head yet again, I see. “I disagree with your opinion, therefore nobody should be allowed to hear it.”

      1. Midnighter 29 May 2013, 9:47pm

        Precisely. Much as I’d love to see Littlejohn get the boot for this, that should never come as a result of government censorship. The aim should be to enforce social responsibility and accountability in order to reign in a maverick press generating lies and sensation to grab market share, not stifle free speech.

        In my view this is a case for sanctions whereby editors or journalists become individually responsible for specific breaches such as pig ignorant hate speech, rather than being allowed to hide behind the protection of their employer. To paraphrase the words of Officer Murtaugh “Diplomatic Immunity revoked, Mr LittleJohn”.

  5. It is a disgrace that Leveson cost us, the taxpeyer, millions and STILL nothing has been done. To commission the inquiry and then not FULLY implement its recommendations is tantamount to corruption, in my opinion. Cameron has done much for gay equality legislation but he has proved to be totally spineless over this issue. Self-regulation has and will not EVER work.

  6. When an un-elected body of people wield such a large measure of influence upon a democratically-elected government to the extent that, that government cannot survive without its backing then this is something akin to the classic situation in many former Latin American ‘banana republics’ when nominally democratically-elected presidents were in reality the puppets of military juntas comprised of handfuls of generals.

    Substitute ‘military’ for ‘press’ and you’ll see a not too dissimilar scenario exists here, too. The government’s seemingly profoundly deep-seated fear of getting on the wrong side of the press also does little to dispel theories that out elected representatives have embarrassing secrets to hide from public view known as yet only to the press which the press can utilise to their own advantage as blackmailing tools.

    1. Colin (London) 29 May 2013, 9:55pm

      Spot on Katie. You are correct. Parliament needs to modernise. The parties no longer represent the people but pressure groups.

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