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Comment: Shame on the Assemblies of God for rejecting the Boy Scouts inclusion of gay members

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Reader comments

  1. Right On! You rock!

  2. Dangermouse 29 May 2013, 8:40am

    “I’m not aware of any pastor out there worth their salt, in the AG, who would deny membership to a gay person who is living a celibate life.”

    Well a gold star for them then !

  3. Good man.
    I don’t share his religious views, but each to their own. However, if it had an hand in making him a caring, compassionate, intelligent individual, then I can respect that.

    1. I agree with your sentiments. I am delighted that men like this exist within religion, and they adhere to values that I can respect.

      I have been involved in secular youth organisations and they have turned out plenty of compassionate and intellegent young people. Let’s be clear, the reason folk grow up well owes nothing to religious indoctrination, but rather to their own personalities and to a nurturing environment of any kind.

      Those like the AG and the BSA with their sanctimonious claptrap about “duty to God” conflate their indoctrination with the genuine worth in their work and assume this means that god-bothering is essential to child rearing. It is clearly not.

      1. *intelligent. good choice of word to fail on :P

  4. I will ask, however, about the “celibacy”. Is celibacy required or endorsed for all members? Or just the gay ones?
    Is it implying it’s fine to be an homosexual as long as you’re not “acting” homosexual? Isn’t that like denying one’s nature? I’ve heard this notion before in Christian circles, it isn’t much better, in my opinion, than those who deny homosexuals altogether.

    1. On the other hand 29 May 2013, 10:23am

      If you read the article celibacy is required for all scout members. This pastor is pointing out the hypocrisy of Assemblies of God officials who are singling out gay people for their orientation, which has no theological basis even in ultra conservative interpretations of the bible.

      1. Theological basis is a matter of opinion, that is rather the problem with religion. Christianity has 41,000 sects because of this point.

        They will no doubt be cherry-picking the bits they want like any other sect, and in their case there is clear guidance to support their view in Leviticus (even while the adherence to Leviticus is made obsolete by the New Testament in at least two ways I know of).

    2. Tom Brantner 12 Jul 2013, 5:14pm

      Celibacy outside of a husband and wife covenant is expected of all Christians

  5. Dr. John Amah 30 May 2013, 7:42am

    Pastor Dave Thompson, you are a shame and a great disappointment to AG and especially your poor parents who thought they’ve brought up their son in the way of God. You never at anytime had a personal relationship with God. You’ve being a hypocrisy, a pretender all these year. You past through AG Bible Colleges but the Bible Colleges never past through you because in the first instance you were never born again. It is clear and very obvious that you must have been living in the secret sin of homosexuality all these years you pretended to be an AG Pastor, now you’ve brazenly supported the practice you’ve been doing secretly. We in the AG owe no one apologies, we are not ashamed to stand by our Biblical convictions any day, anytime. The likes of you can go and start Gay international Pentecostal church. You are a great shame and disappointment, you ought to cover your face in shame. Long live Assemblies of God!

    1. Guglielmo Marinaro 30 May 2013, 12:08pm

      Great piece of satire, Dr. John Amah. I must admit that you had me fooled for a moment.

    2. It is rare to find a bigot such as Dr. john willing to be ashamed of his bigotry. we understand that.

  6. Pattie Crider 31 May 2013, 4:52pm

    The AG I attended is anti-gay. I no longer attend as I don’t believe people choose to be gay/lesbian/bisexual.

  7. This man is a Light in the, Wilderness of religious Bigotry .

  8. Tom Brantner 12 Jul 2013, 5:11pm

    While I agree with some of what you say regarding the A/G stance on the boy scouts, homosexuality is not an unchangeable human circumstance. I agree that we should have open dialogue and be respectful of all those who sin, but the Bible warns that those who claim to love Christ but willingly participate in sin without repentance should be put out of the church. In fact it warns believers to have nothing to do with them because their deception is dangerous and highly contagious.

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