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US: Gay-friendly retailer JC Penney in hot water over kettle that looks like Hitler

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Reader comments

  1. Hitler? Don’t be ridiculous. Anyone can see it’s Charlie Chaplin. Lol!

    1. Christopher in Canada 28 May 2013, 9:52pm

      ARGH! YOU BEAT ME TO IT!!!! Damn this time difference… all it needs is a cozy in the shape of a top hat…

      Seriously, though – we need to accept that Hitler existed, deal with it, and move on.

  2. I see Blakey from the 1970s show “On The Buses”

  3. E. Carpenter 28 May 2013, 4:24pm

    If you look very closely, and squint your eyes a bit, you can see that the item in the photo looks quite like a kettle.

  4. “in hot water” I see what you did there! lollololol roflcopter

  5. .....Paddyswurds 28 May 2013, 4:38pm

    If this is true and it must be, it’s not the 1st of April, then America has lost it; the crazies really have taken over the nut house and that does not bode well for the rest of the free world……

    1. Thankfully the article suggests this is nothing more than a few jokey tweets. There doesn’t seem to be any controversy in spite of the pun-tastic headline.

  6. Who killed Jews? Hitler, Hitler! 28 May 2013, 4:52pm

    Nobody in America even cares about this. Try again, commies.

    1. Say what?

      1. Ugh… I live in the U.S. – one of the reddest states – and it’s very common for conservative ideologues to see developed European democracy as communist on the level of the Cold War Soviet bloc, because it has so many of the things they passionately hate – adequate taxation, government services, social justice, firearms controls, the right to health, etc. Mainstream politics here have taken a swing to the far-right, to the point where it can be hard to tell when people are joking or being batsh*t insane serious. And it’s goaded by the popular daily hate radio and Fox “News”.

        As such, I find it likely that whoever made that comment, very probably said “commies” in all sincerity.

      2. That is to say, I live in one of the reddest states in the U.S.

    2. Liam the God 28 May 2013, 9:51pm

      “Commies”? You have heard the USSR has collapsed, right?

      1. James Savik 28 May 2013, 10:15pm

        we fought them for fifty years and then we elected them.


      2. Liam most americans don’t know where Russia is!

  7. Sweet & Tender Hooligan 28 May 2013, 4:52pm

    I want one.

    1. You want a Hitler?

      1. .....Paddyswurds 28 May 2013, 10:52pm


  8. … from the same country that examines pieces of toast on the off-chance Jesus or Mary appear!

    1. Gene in L.A. 28 May 2013, 6:30pm

      Oh yes, everyone knows the U.S. is the only place that happens. Taking a bit of advantage to do some America-bashing, aren’t you?

      1. Christopher in Canada 28 May 2013, 9:49pm

        Americans deserve every bit of bashing they get. Religious zealots with nukes – that’s what the world sees them as. Yes. they saved our asses in WWI and WWII, but not before making tons of $$ selling arms to all sides before they joined in.

        Now go buy some healthcare, where it’s a commodity, and not a human right.

        1. Be careful, Canadians are Americans too. You are referencing the United States of America or United Statesman of America.

          Canadian in the UK.

          1. Errata: United Statesmen of America

          2. Christopher in Canada 29 May 2013, 7:01pm

            Right… – by that rationale, Bolivians are Americans, too. You might be Ra, but the sun-god does NOT see all – no Canadian would EVER be mistaken for an American. You are only putting out a red herring that the rest of the world imemdiately sees through. (if fish were transparent… I have an analogy in there somewhere…)

      2. I never heard of Canadian Jesus toast , no..

  9. Scott John Harrison 28 May 2013, 5:02pm

    Remember these are the same way people who see Jesus in a slice of toast.

  10. Well first there was the website “Cats That Look Like Hilter”, then there was that house in Swansea that apparently looked like him and now a kettle that looks like the Fürhrer . Makes you wonder what’s next, Brooms That Look Like Stalin?

  11. All I see is a ridiculous level of stupidity- but this is to be expected of some Americans – its a bloody kettle! what next, an anti semitic conspiracy? Get a life!

    1. Gene in L.A. 28 May 2013, 6:44pm

      Ah yes, let’s take advantage of this story to bash a few Americans. Your post would be more accurate if you substituted “people” for “Americans,” or are there no ridiculous Brits?

      1. I think both countries have their fair share of halfwits.

        In the United States you have the Westboro Baptist Church and Fox News.

        In Britain we have vigilantes attacking paediatric clinics and the Daily Mail.

        Then of course you have the billions around the world who believe in ancient (and some not so ancient) superstitions

        I think the human race is generally stupid.

      2. .....Paddyswurds 28 May 2013, 11:10pm

        Well if you got your head out of your arse and realised that the civilised world is looking at the USA with dismay and consternation. First and foremost the bald racism being shown to a man who will probably go down in history as one of the best Presidents the US ever had, then there is the fact that over 50% of Americans believe the vile bible to be fact and the same number of Americans who think the World and Universe was created by some magic sky fairy and refuse point blank to have any truck with the proven theory of Evolution. This from a country which has more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world combined country which thinks it is OK to allow religious nut cases home school their children. A country which a huge amount of people are living in abject poverty while it spends billions on phoney wars started by the first ever unelected president., a man who as leader of the free world, claimed that “gawd” spoke to him , George W Bush. Think on those points Gene in La….

        1. Christopher Coleman 29 May 2013, 1:29am

          Obama: one of the best presidents the US ever had? Which planet are you on? Unless he gets his finger out and does something dramatically useful, he will be remembered as a failure.

          1. A failure, like George W. Bush before him?

            To be honest I think most of them have been pretty lousy.

            Who do you think is one of their best presidents?

  12. OMG it must be a seriously slow news day. This is SO not worthy of an article in a gay related news site.

  13. No tinpot dictator jokes, PLEASE.

  14. I only see a kettle – I suggest those who only see Adolf examine their true beliefs and moral compass – The superstition types who see their messiah in toast or in cloud formations suffer from the same delusion

  15. Pareidolia,
    still it really does look like a cartoon Hitler.

    1. Liam the God 28 May 2013, 9:53pm

      It looks like Cartman dressed as Hitler.

  16. James Savik 28 May 2013, 10:13pm

    Hi, Hitler!

  17. Following much recent criticism about the ridiculous saturation coverage PN has been giving to the WBC and the ‘US Radio Host says…’ stories, is this PN’s latest way to fill space on slow news days?

    1. .....Paddyswurds 28 May 2013, 11:22pm

      I tend to think Pink News has had it’s day and is in its waning hours. They seem to be fixated on trashy American news sites and lift the stories or non stories verbatim. They have ignored the pleas of regular readers and contributors and imposed sill rules without dealing with the glaring problems being pointed out by regulars and seemed unable or unwilling to censure the bigots and god squad who came here to vilify Gay people the Bread and butter of the site. The introduction of animated ads which done nothing more than annoy regulars and newcomers alike have been the final straw ….. A great pity, as the site once showed promise but Cohen let money and greed dictate his priorities and this is now the result….. An unmitigated mess posting silly Yankee stories……

      1. Jacob Dugan-Brause 29 May 2013, 8:05am

        Well, I hail from Alaska and am a naturalised Brit living here with my Irish-American (dual national) spouse. That out of the way, by way of introduction and how-do-you-do, I don’t really want to see silly derivative ‘lite-news’ stories here, either.

        Where I differ with you is that I don’t really care which country they come from — it’s sadly entertainment, not journalism — but the publisher likely knows what we click on than you or I.

        Too, this publisher is running a business. He likely faces compromises to stay afloat. We see results as readers and yet we come here, don’t we? Perhaps we’re captive as the market can’t support an alternative.

        I’ve published alternative papers, and I know how very difficult this business is. I don’t agree with Cohen’s every decision and I know you don’t, either.

        Anyway, thanks for the comments. I’d like better coverage, too.

  18. Huh, pareidolia can be funny, can’t it.

  19. If it is Hitler, he looks a little steamed

  20. Christopher Coleman 29 May 2013, 1:23am

    Some people in the States even claim to see Jesus in a tortilla chip or in a water stain on the sidewalk. The religious folks actually gather for a viewing …

  21. So not just gay-friendly with the ‘secret’ gay agenda, JC Penney is in cahoots with the nazis as well. Today same-sex marriage, tomorrow the world!! When I first saw it, it was just a kettle. Gone is my innocence.

  22. Christopher 30 May 2013, 2:15am

    Can anyone say “pareidolia”?

  23. Stevenredd 31 May 2013, 6:16am

    Really? Yawn…..not news

  24. Stevenredd 31 May 2013, 6:18am

    What would have been better is if it had the reflection of Michelle Bachmann’s husband, naked, photographing it for sale.

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