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UK: Teacher Lucy Meadows was hounded by a transphobic press says coroner

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 28 May 2013, 7:33pm

    I have little faith that the governments “solution” will have any teeth whatsover in practice. I fear that those indviduals concerned will retain their employment and remain essentially unaffected and continue to spout more of the same with practical impunity. I’d love to be wrong on this.

  2. I heard this on the news and it was great to hear the coroner being so direct in condemning the press, and the Daily Mail in particular.

    Sadly, I think you’re right though, Midnighter.

  3. What a beautiful letter from Lucy Meadows.

    What we desperately need is more Lucy Meadows in our troubled and often depressing world.

    Sadly, thanks to the likes of Mr Littlejohn in the Daily Mail and his cohorts in the rotten red top media this seems unlikely as these vultures feed of the braveness, honesty of those who have to face enormous personal struggles to be accepted in our supposedly ‘tolerant’ society.

    Hang your head in shame Mr Littlejohn.

    Rest in Peace Lucy.

  4. It will be interesting to see if the Daily Hate (mail) will comment on the coroners report, especially that spiteful pig littlejohn

  5. The general Daily Mail readers need to stop buying into the ridiculous thing that anyone LGBTQ is somehow a pervert or paedophile and as such, shouldn’t be around children.

    You teach children about stuff in the world. You don’t hound and mock anyone different just because you’re a rubbish parent.

  6. Notably, we now won’t see droves of journalists up-in-arms about the transphobia their colleagues display, yet when Julie Burchill’s article got taken down from The Observer website a few month’s ago there was, by contrast, an outcry amongst self-pitying journos as they championed her as posterwoman for their ‘right to be offensive’ in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry!

    Unfortunately, I get the feeling that the elements that are the problem in press are incapable of feeling any genuine remorse. Any reaction will largely be governed by what they think they can and cannot get away with. They’ll lie low for a few months but I prophesy that this time next year they’ll shamelessly be up to their old transphobic ways again.

    1. Carol Uren 29 May 2013, 1:00am

      Unfortunately I think you are right Katie and until Cameron and his cronies decide to implement the Leveson report properly and in full (instead of hedging round the perimeter a bit) the press will know that they have gotten away with it again.

  7. I don’t believe that the Daily Mail is Homophobic or transphobic. They are out to make money by appealing to the homophobic and transphobic. The answer is simple, don’t buy it, don’t tolerate those who do Make people aware of the damage that this kind of reporting can do.

  8. BBC radio five live are reporting this on its news reports using male pronouns and Lucy Meadows former name.

    The media seem to never change!

    1. You are effin kidding me? That is callous, and especially ignorant after the words of the coroner.

  9. A, J, Mainland 28 May 2013, 10:14pm

    I often listen to BBC Radio 4, can’t believe the biased unbalanced way they report on all LGBT matters. If ever they speak to someone its always play’d into their evil agenda, they pick very conditioned reprasentatives of the LGBT community, its sickening, even when this leads to tradgedy they will sweep it away with a conditioned biased approach. Vile discusting ,completely careless, behaviour.

    1. R4’s Today programme doesn’t even bother to put across an LGBT view. They just have a sympathetic interview with Peter Bone or David Burrowes and that’s that.

    2. Mister Fister 29 May 2013, 1:42am

      The scum are really getting it stuck to them. Firstly, the Christian haters and now transphobic journalists. Fingers crossed, the BBC will finally get their come-uppance. It’s well overdue.

    3. I am boycotting Radio 4. The Today programme is so homophobic and misogynist, not to mention racist, it poisons my entire day to listen to it. Radio 6 Music somehow manages to be fun and intelligent without insulting LGBT people, women or Muslims. Amazing!

  10. I’m beginning to wonder if the transgender community will have to launch an organised boycott of the Daily Mail to get any justice for poor Lucy. If that is the case, and if there is anything that I can do to stop print copies of the Mail being distributed down here in NZ, please get in touch.

  11. A quote from Tellitlikeitis, **here on PinkNews:**

    “Every trans abomination is a misogynistic slur. You lot rape women just by existing.”

    It’s not just the Daily Heil. Some of the very worst Transphobia comes from influential sections of the GLB movement.

    1. Mister Fister 29 May 2013, 2:04am

      That is unfair and untrue. We all know who the enemy is. A few imbeciles amongst us should not reflect unjustly on the overwhelming majority ofposters to PN who are appalled by the heart-breaking story of Lucy Meadows.

      The attention in the media regarding the behaviour of Burchill et al along with the barbaric treatment of Lucy Meadows has demonstrated that the LGBT community do care about fighting transphobia. Vast numbers of heterosexual people are similarily opposed to transphobia.

      Now that there has been progress in fighting homophobia it seems that people realise that the trans community need our support. While we have partially won our battle I believe that collectively we have become aware that transphobia exists and that we can and are prepared to fight it.

      While acknowledging the fact that there are those whose opinions and statements are vile and objectionable Zoe, please be positive and be joyful that the rest of us aren’t and are prepared to do something about it.

    2. Radical feminists who’ve made it to that psuedo-philosophical point are bat-sh*t insane and hate pretty much everybody though. I don’t know anyone in LGBT community that actually takes them seriously. Even other feminists don’t in my experience.

  12. It is good to read what the coroner has said.

    It is just a shame that papers like the Mail will continue to do what it has done in the past.

    I hope now the Lucy’s family will be left alone to grieve and mourn her loss without anymore press intrusion.

    Rest in peace Lucy Meadows

  13. Tragic doesn’t even begin to cover what’s gone on throughout this case.

    Yes, the press have and consistently do behave appallingly. I just wonder to what extent they are reflecting or creating the perspective of the general population.

    I often think the trans community get the worst end of the deal of all lgbt’s. They can be the most vulnerable and isolated and I’ve heard and seen some terrible derogatory attitudes towards them, even on the gay scene.

    I just hope some good might come out of this tragic case and highlight the need for greater equality and education. The coroner has certainly set things in motion. I hope it continues.

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